Default Pilatus PC-6 Autostart and G950 issues

The PC-6 recently doesn’t seem to respond to autostart proceedures like it used to. Also the G950 and GTN750 have a blank screen

I suggest to open a bug report. Also highly recommend to antie up and get the Milviz PC-6, I did and haven’t looked back since. If it helps starting the PC-6 is only 3 switches and jamming the condition lever to low idle.

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I second this it’s a much better product. Little things such as when the plane is running you can’t open the doors fully and they wobble with the wind effect. Also it flies very well and is very much at home in Papua and you can really get the idea of just how capable the aircraft is. I like to land it on aircraft carriers, especially moving ones.

it’s a great plane irl and in the sim too. The default one I’m not too impressed with, but Milviz have a decent addon and have done a great job👍

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This is still a problem. The hack to get the autostart to work is to first turn on the battery then the autostart works

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Was looking for a topic regarding that issue and found this one. I have applied @shyPunk2648 workaround and it works, thank you ! :+1: .

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