Default Pilatus PC-6 + Check List

Am i blind?
I do not see any difference in name of Pilatus PC-6 for steam gauge, modern cockpit, skis or float version.
I also do not see any entries in Check Lists.


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nothing for me in the checklist for the Porter either…

me neither, no checklist unfortunately

I was really getting into the pilatus (amazing aircraft) though there’s a lot of things quite not right on xbox (don’t know if also pc version is affected)

  • checklist totally absent on xbox (while is there on pc even though not highlighting items properly)
  • fuel indicator not working (always at 100%)
  • no flaps animation
  • no skys animation
  • text on labels are not well readable by weird reflections

that’s a lot of stuff. I guess fixes are not in pipeline nor will ever be, I just hope for the milviz one to come also on xbox marketplace at this point

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If you are interested in the Porter, the MilViz one is probably a better option. I’ve read good stuff about their porter although I don’t own a copy myself. Hopefully it will soon come to XboX.


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