Default Registrations

Hi folks,

I’m tracking my flights with Volanta.

It creates a new plane automatically when a new registration (not ATC reg) is found.

Today I wanted to fly in the Super Hornet. Just to notice that it has the same registration (ASXGS) as the default C208B. Is there ANY way to change that registration without messing with XML files? (I can change it manually in Volanta after starting the flight, but it’s more handy this way :))

Also @Asobo: Please use unique registrations for each plane type. Shouldn’t be that hard I hope? :slight_smile: Other developers have different registrations for all the liveries.

Happy new year to all!



Hi @Fori55,

No need to edit xml files - you can change the registration each flight from the world planner > aircraft selection > customization screen by entering a value in the “tail number” box. The default registration is being used because you’ve not done this step.

Volanta will then pick this up and should mean you don’t need to change it manually after starting the flight.

Hope that helps.

(I’ve also moved your post into the #third-party-addon-discussion:tools-utilities category as this is about the interaction with a 3rd party tool rather than the sim itself)

Hi, cool. Thanks for your fast answer. Will that stay? Or will it get reset every update?

It will be used on all flights until you change it again :+1:

And it is only valid for that plane?

No, unfortunately at present that customisation screen is independent of the aircraft you choose - so all the values you enter on that page apply across the board.

Ok. So this is not really a solution then :frowning:

Depends what you need - providing you enter the details in that screen at the same time as choosing an aircraft, and just make it part of your flight planning flow, it will work fine with Volanta without manual intervention.

If you’re on a PC and don’t mind doing a little edit, the aircraft.cfg file contains that tail # you want to change. It’s not XML, so it’s quite easy to make the change:
Step 1 - make a backup of the file you’re editing!
Step 2 - open the aircraft.cfg in either Notepad or Notepad++
Step 3 - scroll down to the [FLTSIM.0] section and find the line that reads atc_id ="ASXGS"
Step 4 - change what’s inside the quotes to whatever you want to see in the sim and save the file.

Bonus: If you want to use a military style callsign when you fly the Hornet, you can add content to the Airline and Flight # lines. For instance, to be called “Rancor 6,” do this:
atc_airline =“rankor” (spelled with a “K” to ensure correct pronunciation)
atc_flight_number =“6”

That way it’s faster to change it on Volanta after the start.

I have the same problem with the registration number. Whenever I load the flight, Volanta picks up the number from livery and not the custom number I enter as the tail number. It is displayed correctly in the game, on the aircraft, but Volanta still shows number from the livery and must be changed manually.

Aircraft.cfg is not available since it’s paid aircraft from the marketplace.