Degraded performance FG 4090 since avionics update

I was prompted to install the update yesterday for aircraft and avionics.
Prior to this update the sim was running smooth as butter with frame generation on the 4090.
Since this update ( all settings the same ) It stutters and is by no means smooth at all!
Very frustrating. Has anyone else noticed this? Hope i’m not the only one.

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Same here with 3090. loading stutters after changing the view.

Yes I’ve had the exact same issue with Frame Generation on a 4080 after the latest update :weary:
I did find that limiting my frames in the Nvidia Control Panel helped a bit, but it’s still not as smooth as it was before the update

I had the same - changed shader cache size in the Nvidia control panel to disabled and seems smooth now. Not sure if it’s coincidence or not - also haven’t had much time to test!

Just to add,
It seems performance becomes unstable in flight too. It can be resolved by going into sim settings and turning on vsync and then turning if back off.
I have vsync running in nvidia control panel so don’t need go use the sim vsync.

Very strange why this corrects the issue. But it then continues after some time.

Same here but using VR, so VSync doesn’t apply.
Sim was completely smooth before the avionics update, and now it’s a stutter fest. I have 5900X + 4090.

you tested any work around? i been trying all sorts, no luck sadly.

Finally i could solve it clearing the rolling cache.
Probably some old cached data was causing stuttering with the latest update.

Same here. I9 13900K and 4090. Since a couple of days I notice severe performance degradation, even though I made no changes to my system.

On top, I started seeing strange artifacts on runways, like individual tiles popping up that don’t belong there - almost as if underlying terrain is showing thru. Both payware and standard airports.

I remedied the performance issue by degrading my settings, but thats not what I bought that ultra fast PC for…

I fly in VR only.