DeHavilland Dash7 Conversion from FSX

I used to fly Milton Shupe’s Dash 7 in FSX a lot in Air Hauler before I bought my Rift CV1 in 2016. It didn’t work very well in VR due to the all round 2D panels and I sorely wished for a decent 3D model to fly.

It looks like this model has just had a number of glass panels slapped in to make it 3D compatible for FS2020 and I know I would be diappointed with it, so I’ll pass.

Would be a first day buyer for a proper Dash-7 release though. Quite a mystery why no-one did one over the years. Almost as big a mystery as why Capt Sim where the only ones to do a proper C-130, though even that is badly showing it’s age.

100%. Sure I read somewhere that some reputable company is working on a proper Dash-8 Q400 for MSFS 2020…