Deice/Anti Ice ground service

Just reposting a request for a Deice/ant-ice service to prevent ice buildup. In the best case, there could be a deice pad at all (major) airports where the plane would have to be to initiate deicing and there would be trucks with animations with the procedure taking about a minute.

Even something quick like the ground services at the gates would be acceptable. Something that gives us a window of time to prevent dangerous ice buildup when flying near or in bad weather.

Thanks in advance.

Definitelly giving Vote…


Haha, I dread having to de-ice in real life, I’d hate to have to do it in MSFS too. Thinking of departing JFK? I hope you have a couple spare hours up your sleeve…

In all seriousness, whilst not high on the priority list, it’d be a a cool addition, though maybe better left to the 3rd party devs like GSX.

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De/anti-icing only prevents icing on ground. Not in flight.


it will be cool for visual + feeling. +1 from me :smiley:

Aye , this would be awesome . Here have an upboat

Fair point. I wrote ‘flying’ but meant ‘departing from an airport’ :+1:t2:

This would be so easy to implement initially. However, it would be cool if Asobo could dig a bit in research and see where some major airports do their de-icing ops. Example: ORD does it normally at the gate. (Easy) YYZ does it on a fixed de-ice ramp area (a bit more work).

For bare bones implementation, I would take the value of the wingspan of the aircraft and formulate that into how long the de-ice op takes. Also accounting for if the airport has one or more trucks to do the job. Once complete, a standard timer to apply holdover time. Once it expires, the ice model starts to function again.

I think this feature is a must. If we want to encourage safe practices in flight sim there should be some way to implement this. Heck, some clever developer could make a buck on it if they could figure out how to make an add on that would let people drive and operate the equipment as almost like a “watch” mode…

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With the snow update and a pretty good looking icing model we still lack the de-icing trucks. They are very important during the winter conditions in every major airport, and I believe they should be included.

Yes, this would be a very cool feature to add, with the realistic weather and snow :+1:

This would be awesome! Upvoted. I was going to make a thread but found this one instead.

Airframe icing can have a major impact on performance and is currently simulated (which is great!). The major issue I have is that there is currently no way to de-ice / anti-ice on ground!

Is there any way to either add de/anti-icing trucks within ground services or at least an option to press to simply “clear icing” until that is fully implemented?

Sitting in Toronto under snowy condition, I find the wing and stabilizer of my CRJ full of snow and ice with no way to remove it (and no, wing anti-ice and engine anti-ice are not designed for this, they protect the wing leading edge at best)

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