Deice/Anti Ice

Are their plans to include any kind of Deice or Anti-ice ground service? As it is, there is no way to prevent ice build up. There could be a full deice/anti-ice option for departing in the winter, and just an anti-ice service for when there are icing conditions aloft.

Perhaps there could be a designated deice pad like in real life, but even just having it as a service at the gate would be better than having to fly with dangerous levels of ice buildup. I’m sure it is tougher to do than it seems, but this is a part of flight operations that is very important and you already have the tough part done in terms of actual icing in the sim.


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This feature was somewhere already discussed and is good idea. I expect better your topic as Wishlist and users then can vote for it, this can be better in my opinion. What I remember from that one previous topic, also GA aircraft on higher strips with cold weather can be de-iced and clear from snow :slight_smile: so I expect also some shortcut or menu feature/upper bar with simple timeout as de-ice procedure.