Deimos F-5 Tiger

I’m not seeing an overarching thread for this (and I’ve searched), so apologies if there is one.

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Just wanted to point out a couple of concerns, but if this is the only thread on this, I also want to say that I am overall very happy with the product. I was wary of the developer after seeing less than stellar reviews for their other products, but this one, while understanding it’s not “PMDG-esque” is quite nice.

With that said, and with the hope that the developer is active on the forums, I do want to highlight a few nitpicky concerns:

  1. The awesome-looking grey tiger stripe livery (my favorite) has VFC-111 labels along the spine of the aircraft. In the real world, this livery was assigned to VFC-13.

  2. Some of the liveries, notably the Swiss Air Force ones (excepting the Patroille red/white livery) are missing aircraft ID/registration numbers on the paint. The Swiss usually feature a prominent “J-####” (four digits) on the tail.

  3. In the cockpit, the forward left “flaps” indicator on the panel, while located accurately to the real world, seems in-sim to indicate whether or not the landing gear is up or down. I retextured the cockpit (and light map) to label it as a landing gear indicator due to this behavior.

  4. The strobe lights as included by default are barely visible, and have a spotlight splash 180 degrees off from one another. I remapped the effect to an imported one from another product, and changed the FX settings from “strobe” to “omni” to both make the strobes significantly more prominent from the exterior, while also avoiding strobing into the cockpit.

  5. The F-5 in the real world has the option for automatic or manual slats (and I think flaps?) activation. (Definitely at least slats). This is not simulated.

Of course I could point out a few other things but I think the above is most prominent. Again, overall I am happy with it, and was able to mitigate most of the above with my own edits/additions, but I wanted to highlight this overall IF the dev is active.

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I’m here to comment that while I don’t have the still unreleased F5 by SC designs from what I saw in a preview video it is of the same quality or worst than Deimos version.

So I leave this warning here because I know SC/DC designs has, for whatever reasons, a higher reputation. In the preview the graphics and textures of the SC F5 are actually worst than Deimos’ version and the sounds in the SC product are, believe it or not, the sounds of the F18, once again.

I’m not saying Deimos’ version is better but before people jump to conclusions and decide unilaterally that the SC product should be better at least in my case I’m not so sure.

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where did you get that information from?
Also your comments about the textures from a simple preview video are hardly verifiable until both versions are actually available.

Personally I haven’t seen a single Deimos aircraft worth buying especially since the flight models are so unsophisticated. But maybe this one is different. I have my doubts though. A small outfit like Deimos releasing several aircraft in the same time period others need to develop a single good one: that’s definitely mass over class.

On the other hand all DC and SC aircraft I have seen - while not spectacular - are decent enough and worth a look.

Everyone has their preferences. The Deimos is far from perfect, but one thing that stood out in the preview of the SC product is the lack of geometry (model) smoothing across the cockpit canopy. Of course, there are issues with Deimos aspects too, partially which I outlined above. With that said, SC’s A-10 (exclusive to the upcoming MSFS 20204) already looks better than Deimos.

I am thinking that both products will be overall on par with eachother, with pluses and minuses between each. There’s also the “Venom Zero” F-5 which in my opinion visually trails both.

Back to this specific Tiger product, it seems like the dev is active in the forums. Hopefully that means responsive to concerns.

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All Noted, thanks for reports…
Some of those thinks has been fix other i’ll work on it !
But i’ll reply to you on pvt because here is not allowed to talk about that :wink:

Thanks again

The Dev has made a couple of helpful updates since the initial release in the Marketplace. The fix of the Flaps indicator is much appreciated. THANK YOU !!!

In the last update the DEV added a gunsight piper to the HUD. It would be very helpful if there was a way to manually suppress this graphic if the regular, collimated f-18 style HUD display is enabled. The gunsight is not collimated and having both displayed at the same time creates a very confusing and cluttered display.

Otherwise, I love the product. I am not a real pilot, but I find the experience of flight in this aircraft to “feel” more realistic and enjoyable than the Asobo f-18 and most of the SC/DC Design products.

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I also noted that the backup attitude indicator no longer works in the new F-5. Assuming Deimos will be out with more updates in the future.

The F-5 doesn’t have a HUD, though. Just the gunsight.