Deimos G39 Griffin

Thanks for acknowledging. Awaiting private correspondence.

Is coming :wink:

I would still love an otion to change the color of the screens from that brownish one to regular black.

Responded to you with a list for the Griffin and Tiger II.


Looks like Deimos is very receptive to feedback and already has an update pending with the Marketplace, so that’s good news!


The update is out!

Ive not been able to test it. Whats the biggest difference before and after?

The zoom level in chase cam is seriously messed up now. It was first too zoomed out, and now following the update it’s way too zoomed in. Zooming out the chase cam to 24% doesn’t really help because the base value for the chase cam zoom appears to be too zoomed in.

It’s ridiculous and both planes are unflyable as they are covering half the screen. At the start of the flight it looks like I’m sitting on the jet nozzles! Affects both planes: G39 and Su57. The Mig-29 default chase zoomed level is perfect as I pointed out earlier.


@SpeedDemon996 Hey mate, you are writing to me via mail, discord private message, on my discord channel and here… and i do reply on all of them… what about to chose just once? :rofl:

Regarding the chase camere, i’ll reply to you also here and at this point i am here to ask help to all you guys… please help me to understand this…

As requested by SpeedDemon996, i have zoomed in all my planes, and by my side now i see them pretty well close, how do you guys see them?

Is it fine now or better before? Or does that need an adjustment?

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Alright, sure.

The rudders seem to be misbehaving too on both planes and I think NWS issue has not been fully resolved. Will do some more testing.

Hi, generally happy about the plane (great and agile way to zip around the map fast! :wink: but I did notice some issues with the control surfaces. After reloading a saved flight (cruising at 30k feet) my flaps were stuck in down position no matter what I tried, forcing me to interrupt my trip for an “emergency landing” (impossible to maintain altitude and speed in these conditions). In general, there also seems to be some weird response to elevator trim adjustments. I think part of it could be that there are some hidden commands. Is there a PDF manual somewhere? This is a complex plane to operate and I am pretty sure I am missing out on many features.

NEW 39 Griffin update out. I have not tested yet, though.

About to get airborne, but I can tell the CG limits still gives red numbers in pre-flight window…

Canopy not opening - just the sound of opening.

…and Im not in the air yet.

@DeimoS987 when can we expect the flight manual for the Gripen? Many thanks

Hello there! So sorry but there is no manual for the plane, but you can find good deep review on her where all is explained, for any question just ask me in pvt, thanks!

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Hi there, please can someone assist me, why does the Deimos G39 Griffen on a 195 knots final approach all of a sudden flip upside down, once it is corrected there is no control or throttle response and spin into the ground for no reason. I really like the jet and would like to find a solution if there is one


No problem at all here. Are you on Xbox? Is your flight model set to “modern”?

Flying on PC, flight model was set to “modern”. I researched the web and made all the suggested changes to settings based on other simmers that had similar issues, but the problem was not resolved. I have parked the Griffen for now. I own the SU 57 Felon [DeimosINC] as well I have also experienced issues with the jet flying at 700 knots and all of sudden it flips over and spins into the ground. I have other fighter jets from different suppliers with no issues.

Not sure where the problem is but it is a bit disappointing