Deimos G39 Griffin

Can anybody tell me how the Jas-39 Gripen performs?
At the moment it’s only available for PC.


Judging from previous reports of previous planes, it certainly won’t perform anything like a real one.


Why does SAAB or other companys like Dassault not allow to bring their planes to msfs?
Msfs is not political and not about military details.
Is it about the Money?

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Basically I’m a friend of the second chance.

Therefore, after the great advance notices, I decided to give this developer another try. Today I believe that he is on the right track in the right direction with the Gripen. But I’m still not satisfied.

To be fair, my system isn’t exactly what you would call a powerhouse these days. But it allows me to smoothly move fast military jets close to the ground with over 30 FPS. The smoothest jets I own are the Adsobo F-18 and L-39. With this I manage 40-45 FPS over the Innsbruck scenery from ORBX. Most third party jets cost me around 5-10 FPS, but even when they drop below 30 they remain smooth.

Here it is completely different. My framerate crashes down to 15 FPS and even if it stays above 30 FPS it’s a total stutterfest. It may not show up that way on high-end systems. But here it is. I think that this thing needs to be improved, otherwise I have to ask how this is ever going to run on the X-Box.

I hope he can do it. Actually too unfortunate.

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Thanks so much for your report!
I’ll work on it :wink:

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Is there Czech Air Force livery?

Great work bringing the JAS-39 to MSFS! I am really impressed with the amount of internal detail in the cockpit and external details for the landing gears! Big thanks for bringing this amazing aircraft to MSFS!

However I noticed a few things when I was out flying: (No criticism, just some feedback.)

  1. The aircraft sometimes pitches up hard after takeoff, is this a bug or is it just the result of a low airspeed?

  2. The nose landing gear hatch looks a bit weird compared to the real nose hatch. The light is supposed to be in the upper left, and no “lines” are supposed to be on the hatch. (See pictures down below.)

  1. This is more of a suggestion: Is it possible we could get the ability to add more external pylons to the aircraft? I have included an image with suggestions for where we could have the ability to add more axillary pylons:, nbr 2,3 and 5. + the pylon obstructed by a fuel tank.

  2. Is there a PSD paint kit available for this aircraft? Any plans for a livery pack to the marketplace?

Thanks for your work and patience!
Best regards

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Thanks so much! And please leave a rate ok marketplace;

  • the pitch up issue is a combination of how the fbw of msfs is working plus low speed… trying to set it up fox next update;

  • yep i know about light… will try to fix as well…

  • underwinf pylon… those are present when you set fuel in external tank… and them remain there if you drop the tanks… but if you do not set tanks, them are not visible…

  • sure! Paintkit is available! Just write me an email, and if you allow me i also add it in the plane, i’ll see about an additional liveries package


Yep… tiger squadron, you have some pics of them in the marketplace

…in the video there are some gripen liveries with CAF designation …that could be czech gripens.

I am still waiting for a Xbox Release.

Any plans on putting something realistic in for the avionics package?


Hope next week for xbox release!

I’ll try to improve all my planes as all the times, if i’ll find someone good in html for sure ….


No worries! Okey! I will check out the marketplace and leave a rewiew!

  • Ok, didn´t know that - But I´m glad that you´re trying to work out a solution, sometimes you allmost flip backwards due to the fbw!

  • Great to hear! Let me know if you want more reference pictures!

  • Aa, ok I see! But is it possible that you could make it so that you can add the underwing pylons in the loadout meny, similar to the extra pylons?

  • Fantastic! I can´t wait to finally get to work on some Gripen liveries! Yes, no worries - but just check with me before adding the liveries. It would be great to hear about a livery package, let me know if you need some ideas or inspiration for the pack if you decied to make one.

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Please write me via mail :wink: you can find it in the Griffin’s marketplace page

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Hi! I can’t access my MSFS atm sadly. Do you mind sending me a DM with your mail instead? Could that work?

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There are some pitch issues in the flight model. The MFDs are quite jaggy and may require changes to your AA settings. Further testing required. This is not as good as the Felon. :innocent: