Delay between turning altitude/heading knobs and zooming out

Infuriating trying to set an altitude or heading in any autopilot because the plane jerks a slight bit and all of a sudden I have zoomed all the way in or out. Someone on reddit suggested a delay between when you are turning a knob and when you can zoom in or out.

I’ve disable the zoom/unzoom cockpit view binding for my mouse wheel. While it is convenient to be able to use that to zoom in & out, yeah its super annoying to have that happen when you’re using the mouse wheel to turn a knob. By default, the - & = keys also control the cockpit zoom level. So I’m using that instead. But yes maybe a delay or perhaps larger click spots or something would be nice.

Annotation 2020-09-05 193022

I agree on that. Did you, or someone else tried to combine the zoom function to the RH mouse key? I mean, if you are looking around in the cockpit you need to press the RH key anyway, maybe as a combination of mouse RH key + mouse wheel to zoom in and out. (not sure if that is possible in the menu?)
This would prefent any accidental zooming, when using the knobs. Idk how you guys are handling this, but once I set my view to the instruments, I release the RH mouse key…