Delete items in community folder

Hi together,
the community folder contains so much items I’ll never use. They only waste disc space.
To rermove them to a separate place (Addon-manager) isn’t a solution.
I want to delete the tutorial flights, several aircraft and airports a.s.o…
Is this a wrong idea?

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I’m pretty sure the community folder only contains what you put in it, the other content you can remove in the content manger in the sim.


I would 100% disagree –

An Addon link manger IS exactly the solution.


you misunderstand how the Community folder works, by default this folder is Empty
the default game files reside in the Official folder and as already stated should be removed thru the Content Manager in Game

i describe how the Community folder works in more detail here, this might help you understand whats going on - but if you have “lots” in the Community folder you dont use i suggest Deleting all of it and starting fresh


Anything you see in content manager can be checked with a tick and then safely deleted, at worst you will fly over some rather bland scenery to rather basic airports (including some that will be missing entirely). They will still show in the list so if you want anything back just tick and install. Aircraft the same.

When you get the game and install it the Community folder is empty.

If you never mod the game it will stay empty.

Its purpose is for mod files only. Its actually a truly excellent system because it leaves core game files untouched. Also makes the process of modding so easy - just drop them into Community,

So if you are seeing stuff in your Community folder…you have placed them there.

100% agree with this comment. OP if you DO get into mod.ding this software is essential. It uses symbolic links so you can keep your mods anywhere

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Be warned, its a little difficult to set up and figure out it’s quirks, but once you do, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.
There area few Youtube videos worth watching for help & tips on setting up and using.

Thanks to all!
Your hints are very helpful and I can follow them…

This topic can be closed.

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The best way for a newbie to learn it is to initially use it to add just a single mod. Then open up the mod folder and community folder in Windows file Explorer. Note what Addon Linker has done.

Then play around - disable the mod from AOL. Put the mod in its own folder eg. “Airplanes” then enable it again and observe in AOL and Explorer.

For sure - I wonder how I did without it. Amazing program and a great gift from the author to us.

Also, the one big advantage, is that you can organize your Files into a Folder structure that make sense to you, ie Aircarft, Scenery, GPS , Bridge, Aircraft/Carenado etc and they will all end up linking back to the single Community folder.

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So if 3rd party adds are unsupported and can be removed from Community folder, then what about the same addons offered in Marketplace? Should we be removing those whenever an update or hotfix? Will they create issues as can the community adds?

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