Denver KBJC (tower called Detroit) was fixed incorrectly

Was flying to Jeffco in Denver and the tower was calling itself Detroit Metro

[MODERATOR EDIT: The airport is no longer being called Detroit Metro. But instead, it has no name at all.]

Ya I had that same problem.

Yep, just experienced that today. Thought I heard it wrong, had to pull up the ATC menu to check…sure enough, Detroit Metro Tower…instead of just Metro Tower…oops.

I reported this problem in the Beta period and someone else reported this prior to me in the Alpha period without this being addressed. For me, since this is my home airport, this is more than just an “oops.”


Just thought I’d mention this. KBJC in Denver ground and tower calls out ‘KDTW’. This needs to get changed.

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Brief description of the issue: Ground and Tower responds as KDTW instead of Jeffco. ATIS responds correctly

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered: N/A

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered: Once at the airport tune in to Ground or Tower and you’ll hear the issue.

This causes a real problem, as ATC also thinks that the airport is near sea level, and gives an initial climb to 5000 ft. Given that the airport is already above this it apparently wants me to crash and die. lol

That is WEIRD!

FS2020, amirite?

The airport nearest me which I use frequently is KBJC, Rocky Mountain Metro. ATC identifies it as KDTW, Detroit Metro. I know it is a small issue but is annoying and would like to see it fixed.

Marked as Won’t Fix at this time.