Departure runway


When starting cold/dark on a gate, is there a way to change departure runway if I have created the flight plan via world map?

I often find atc assigns the wrong departure runway, well based on real world traffic anyway.
I know I can select runway on world map, but I like to start at a gate in the a320.

I look at flightradar24 and can often see which runway aircraft are departing, but atc doesn’t always select the same runway.

Just wondering how I can get around this on Xbox?

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When you use the world planner, use the runway it comes up with.
It will show that before you pick your gate.
Don’t change it to what flightradar shows.

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Yeah I guess its best to use what it suggests in game as if working correctly it will work on what the live weather is doing.
But if aircraft are departing an entire different runway irl, it shows that the live weather/traffic in game is not correct.

Even my landing runway on a flight I just took was different to what I noticed on flight radar 24.

Yeah, for sure.
There is a large thread in here on the subject.
It is #21 on the top Bugs list:

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