Desktop icon location


can anyone tell me the location of the desktop symbol/icon of MSFS?

I would like to assign this symbol to another shortcut.

Usually the .exe file is including this symbol but since MSFS is running as a win 10 app it does not have a shortcut to an .exe file.

I hope my problem is understandable.


Best regards Andreas

If you purchased via steam you can create a desktop shortcut by going to your steam library then:

Right click on MSFS 2020 --> Manage --> Add Desktop Shortcut

I google searched for the MS Store procedure.

Here is a link for the more complicated MS Store version…

Someone else might have a more streamlined approach.

I think he’s just looking for a MSFS icon…not sure how to find that stuff anymore!

Ah, I think you are correct. That I am not sure… More google searches should reveal the answer. Used to be able to find it via properties.

Here is one response I found:

Not an easy answer I fear.

FlightSimulator.ico, extracted from the .exe.

Yes exactly. Google didnt help me with that. I gave up after 20 min of search.
Any ideas where to get that icon?

Thank you very much…you were faster :slight_smile:

Just out of interest. Where do you find the MFSF exe file? I do not have one???

Yes, you do. I am assuming you have the MS Store version. In that case it’s wherever Windows saves those restricted app folders. Sorry can’t directly help you with that. One of the reasons I bought it on Steam.

Yes I have the MS Store version. The .exe is not inside the …8weky… folder as far as I can see?!

I just looked it up in the start menu and dragged the icon to my desktop. Works fine for me.

If you have the version from the microsoft store the exe file is there but its burried, hidden and locked. You need to do some file and folder permission magic to get to it.

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