Desperate for a good airliner

Having a ■■■■■■ attitude isn’t going to make good quality airliners appear.

Be frustrated, but your attitude doesn’t need to be so aggressive. A dev from FBW just stated their autopilot does work below 17fps, they just wouldn’t recommend it. This is because their autopilot is custom - I assume. You could try the stable version if it still uses default MSFS autopilot.

Flight sims have always had ‘the waiting game’ for new, complex airliners. There’s many in the works from PMDG, Fenix, The Maddog and more. In the meantime the FBW a320 is great.


Yet. But it’s coming. But if you think $20 is a reasonable asking price for a study level airline simulator, I’m afraid you’re going to be unhappy when the good one’s do hit the wire. All I have to know about the Frankenstein monster 777 from whomever the hell it was who made it is that it only cost $20.

That alone is enough for me to know it’s crap before even taking a look at it because a good product cannot be done for that amount of cash. I’m fully expecting the ones that are coming from PMDG, Fenix, and others to cost as much as the game itself, and I’m happy to pay for it, too.

I can save 60-70$(or euros) for the actually good plane, the thing is, a lot of them were announced at 2020. This is a long procces of creating one, for sure, but I’m still afraid there is a lot of time, before there will be a big choice, like in X-Plane. And the demand for them is big already

If your computer can’t handle the graphics, how is that the plane’s fault? Either upgrade your computer, or drop the setting to where you can get at least 20 fps. Do you really have a good experience at 17 fps or lower?

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No there isn’t and there never will be. All Long range Airliners use an FMC/MCDU and the Auto pilot. If that’s not your thing then you are out of luck, or wait for vintage Airliners, but I doubt you will get the range.

Please remember on a flight of say 13 hours the pilot hand flies for about 3mins if they are lucky! That’s how it is and how it has been for a long time!

Try doing a ferry flight in the C152 from KVNY to KTEB or something. The Default airliners are not worth flying, wait till a proper 747 comes out, then you will see.

I have a very mid range system I7-9700 and a gtx 1660ti. I can get 30-35 fps easy on high end no issue depending on the city (I currently have it capped at 30 fps though for smoothness). This is a problem with your system and not FBW. Though they are going to be optimizing everything more as time goes by.

Systems wise, the A320 is the best airliner available for me as I am not interested the CRJ. I have downloaded the experimental version of FBW with the better autopilot and FPM and have had no game breaking issues and have gotten rid of the flyback bug. Keep up the great work FBW!

If you love the 747 so much, download the Captain Sim 777 which relies heavily on the default Jumbo’s avionics. I believe there is a salty sim compatibility mod on and an eicas mod to get the 777 engine gauges to look a little more believable as well.

i have absolutely 0 problems with A/P. The thing is in FBW’s autopilot, although some people say, that it works even below it. Gonna check later

Because that’s the only autopilot, which may work badly on low fps(salty, kairi, hd, all work fine). 17 fps is not constant - occasional stutter or two, but still, it’s not FPS shooter, I’d rather play with graphics, than on minimal settings

Ok, so that’s your choice then. If you’re happy with sub-20 fps, that’s cool. But your use case is not the norm, and most people aren’t playing at sub-20 fps. If you can’t even tweak to ensure 17 fps, your PC is way underpowered for what you’re trying to do.

The larger point remains - your PC is under-powered for MSFS, and if you’re expecting PMDG planes to be smooth on this machine… you may be disappointed.

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I really can’t imagine anyone happy playing at 17 FPS…

As people have said, that means your PC is underpowered. I play on average between 30-40 FPS on medium settings using the minimum requirement GPU (RX 570), so for me, you’re using a very weak GPU and apparently you seem willing to sacrifice performance for have better graphics quality that your PC definitely can’t deliver. You’re basically torturing your GPU.

Don’t expect high-quality payware aircraft to be as ‘light’ on FPS as the default aircraft are. Lower your graphics quality or buy a better PC before investing in payware aircraft.

We hope to show you some stuff soon that will make it a long-term consideration :slight_smile:


So what? It’s software. It’s not like they have to build something for every order they get. Order, move money from one place to another, instant delivery! Hell, I wish my business was that easy lol…

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I would say even my old computer with i7-2600k and 1660ti worked with medium setting, sure it’s not good looking as my computer is ancient, but before I can update my computer it’s a fine aircraft to fly with auto and manually, in lower than 17fps it just looks like stutter movie…

And I have to say the main thing I experienced better in the fbw autopilot it seems like default ones will fly way to stable ignoring gust winds or so, and fbw is more on real time reaction from the AP to environment so more fluctuations at strong winds, which feels much more realistic IMO, fps requirements are the price to pay no?

Does anyone know a decent but cheap yoke airliner? I don’t want to spend the money for something like the PMDG 737, but I still would like something relatively decent. Thanks.

The Aerosoft CRJ doesn’t get a lot of love for some reason, but it’s an excellent aircraft. And you could just buy the one you want, ie the 550/700 package, I think it’s less than $30.

I have a bunch of CRJ videos, this one should give you an idea:

youtu. be/Qg0hWqdWg2w

(Remove the space, for some reason I can’t post links)

It’s a pilot’s airplane. Unlike the 737 or especially the Airbus, there is no autothrottle, so you have to manage the energy/airspeed yourself, at all times. It’s a highly automated plane, but you have to fly it. It’s not just turning knobs. I really enjoy it.

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if I could ask you for that PMDG 737, I have 700 version and I’m very satisfied, completelly with functionality, save/load system, FPL and feeling. It is very good addon, worth money. I can say, I’m very hard core simmer and I’m satisfied with functionality. It can be for first hard to learn but all can be solved like Airline pilot learning life :smiley: Simply, if you want Airliner, it is very important decision because of more factors like complexity, functionality and HW performance. very important here - SUPPORT because with PMDG you can be sure for very good support with possible updates, fixes. Really, I’m not that one for any CRJ, it is clear also from users experience. Here are many cheap addons that are not good, waste of money. Your choice…

I have relatively old and not high performance HW and in HD sim and PMDG working n.1 :slight_smile:

The Fly By Wire A320 NEO is payware quality and it is free. You should also consider the IniBuilds A310-300 which came for free in the 40th anniversary edition of MSFS. The PMDG 737-600 is only $34.99, which is less money than the Aerosoft CRJ and is a much better simulation.


If you really don‘t want to spend money on the PMDG addons I can only second the suggestion to try the FBW 320 and the ini 310. The value is obviously unbeatable and they are really upper class.

PMDG 737-600 is a really great airliner for the price. I can’t think of a cheaper and better alternative.

Free - FBW and A310 are both amazing and 100% recommended.

More expensive than $34.99 - now you have many options, starting with the Fenix.

I would try the FBW and 310 first and then go for PMDG 737-600

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PMDG DC6 and Wing42 Boeing 247D I higly reccomend.

Its old school, but what a rewarding feeling of accomplisment when you manage to go from A too B without breaking anything and you navigated like in the old days. The B247D actually made me consider having pee jugs in my simpit because im scared to leave the plane for a second:D