Desperate for a good airliner

The title says it all. I’m desperate now. I’m tired of flying on only 747-8. Is there is a good long ranged plane(6000km+), wich doesn’t ‘rEqUiReS 17 FpS fOr AuToPiLoT sYsTeMs To WoRk’(I’m looking at you, FBW), and doesn’t requires going through the hell with managing a flight plan via other mods(like 787XH)? I’m tired of seeing 747’s cockpit almost every single time I enter MSFS, as much as I love this plane, but this is becomnig annoying. Much appreciated

PS: Edited the “freeware” part out, after all, there is so much good payware airliners right now, right?

You are asking for a quality, free, and quickly.
You cannot get all three, only for example quality and free, but slow.
Or you can do it yourself and prove me wrong.


In other words “i want a fully optimized aircraft with all the bells and whistles for FREE”.

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I want a free Aston Martin. Not holding my breath, though.


wait for welsh A340
its free

Waiting a few weeks/months for the FBW A380 is probably your best bet. Not sure what’s the issue with the 17 FPS. I fly the FBW A320 all the time and it’s perfectly smooth.

Perhaps your PC can’t handle it? Lower the graphics a notch?


Fly the default neo. No performance hit. It flys beautifully and I find it easy to fly. It’s my main plane and never tire of it.

Please discuss third-party aircraft in the Third Party Addon Discussion category. I moved your topic there.

Do you realize how rude this is?

First of all, the autopilot can now handle much lower frame rates than 17fps - we just don’t publicly advise that, because there can still be some issues.

Second, maybe you should consider for a second that complaining about someone in altcaps for a system that takes decades of experience in the field and months of work to build doesn’t work the way you think it should is a TAD rude.


Or maybe buy a decent computer before blaming developers who put thousand hours into a freeware project ?



Don’t complain we have great freeware mods such as FBW 787 HD and the salty mod.

Put your hands in your pocket and wait for PMDG.


Mh try that. But you have to take a little more fuel with you…

Native Airbus A330-900neo » Microsoft Flight Simulator

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you are only a few weeks/months from PMDG dropping their 737-800/900 series on you, the A320 by Fenix arrives soon also… pick your poison then… each will be substantially immersive and as intense as you can want… believe me… I have flown PMDGs 737 and that was years ago… you will be busy… (and to make your experience even greater hook up with Vatsim or Pilot Edge)

I think it’s way more than a “tad” rude. He’s flat out looking for something for nothing, and honestly thinks he’s entitled to it. Lots of folks out there these days with that feeling of absolute entitlement, unfortunately.


You can try this long-haul aircraft. I quite enjoyed flying this.


That is very rude indeed… when ppl are doing free job, you don’t even bash them when it’s bad quality coz it’s offered for free! Just take it if you like it and leave it when it don’t suit you is the way to go.

If the OP is desperate for a payware and willing to pay for the quality, expressly his need for that one I feel it’s more ok, but for a free job… I have to tell the OP I desperately need a free Porsche GT3, completely free, can he get me one ?

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The graphics on anything below medium look horrible. I mean, come on, I don’t believe that 17 fps is that mandatory, 747 autopilot reworks work flawlessly

I was writing this in a frustrated moment, because even current payware is levels below PMDG level,and I can admit, that that was rude remark, but none of the other autopilot fixes require that, neither 787 Heavy Division(and I’m totally admitting, that I’m not using it because I’m both too stupid and too lazy to use SimBrief), nor Kairi Reworks, nor Salty mod. If that was current freeware’s meta for an autopilot - I would’ve shut my mouth tight, and wouldn’t have made a single sound

The thing is, there isn’t much even from payware side. CS777 is pretty much costs too much for that fligt model(although, they could’ve changed it already, I haven’t played that often on it from summer), and when I see Breedok 737 cabin - that’s just a giant throwback to 2000’s. Maybe there are hidden airliner gems for money, but I’ve never seen positive ratio on any aircraft, bigger than Ju52 or DC6

There isn’t much to buy for airliners either. CS777 is way too expensive for what it is - 747 flight model(broken one,btw). At least they had made the cabin. Thanks, I guess(although I bought 777 nonetheless), Bredok’s cabin in 737 is on Wolfenstein Castle level of graphics(they could’ve changed it tho). What else is there? DC-6? Yeah, good one, but that’s far from modern term of “airliner”. There is literally nothing in payware segment of airliners