Destinations | A Microsoft Flight Simulator Cinematic Film

Hello Flight Sim Fans!

My first attempt at a cinematic video for Microsoft Flight Simulator, i hope you enjoy it.


This is fantastic. I commented on the YouTube video, but wanted to drop a note of appreciation here too.

Hope it gets gets the views it deserves - Keep 'em coming! :grinning::+1:

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Really nice! Your videos look as smooth as MSes promotional footage. Is there a post production trick to that, adding artificial frames or similar? Oris this literally howit runs on your PC?

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Gorgeous! What airport is that at 5:20?

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Brilliant! This is truly beautiful: VERY well done!

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Thank you so much, the only thing I did in editing was to colour grade it and add the cinematic bars. The sim on my PC is pretty smooth although i do make sure to be selective with my locations in which i capture the footage.

Thank you :blush: very much appreciated

Thank you Greg, this is amsterdam schiphol airport.