Dev Digital Boeing 757-300

Hello Everyone and welcome to Dev Digital, Dev Digital is a dev group currently working on a Boeing 757 for MSFS2020, We have alot of progress already with the exterior being around 85% Finished, Now we arent going to make any promises on this project seeing as its just starting.

We currently dont have a release date!, There is a chance this plane will never be released but you never know, We are hoping it dose though,

We are currently looking for Developers and Staff members so If your intreased please DM @Fresh and Ill be happy to help you!!

Welcome to Dev Digital, the dev team of the future!!

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Sounds cool! Will it be using custom flight systems specifically for a 757, or will you base it off of an already implemented plane?

there is already another dead 757 project. turns out modelling is the easy part.


Congratulations on the exterior model! I wish Dev Digital the best throughout the development process!

it will fly and handle like a 757 with custom screens and custom systems

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Thanks, and I cant wait to see the E170

Do you know anytime when this 757 could be out? Do you have a testing program that anyone can join?

Currently we want it out by the end of year but its unlikely, we will most likely see it out around late February early march. We will most likely have one but it will most likely only be for mods, content creators, Server boosters and 3rd party devs.

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I have a few questions regarding this…

  • Is it freeware or payware
  • Will there be any liveries available
  • Is there any progress on the cockpit
  • Is there any discord where we can see the progress

Thanks for answering! :slight_smile:

There’s a discord in the 1st post.

My bad, I must have scrolled past it too fast. Thanks for the reminder, will check it out now! :slight_smile:

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I hope you launch the model as it might be awesome…