Dev Digital Boeing 757

Hello Everyone, Dev Digital has just dropped Progress update 13 for there boeing 757 series, I’ll put some pictures below but make sure to join our discord to stay up to date!!!


Wow, new competitor of BlueBird Simulations. Exciting news when new airplanes from new developers come!

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Well we’ve been working on this project since January of 2021.


Looks great. Love the 757!

EPIC!! This 737 cockpit looks absolute fantastic!

I wish every single plane in existence (GA or Jet or Airliner) had a brown cockpit. Love LOve LOVe LOVE this color in cockpits. Ironically i don’t like it much on seats, go figure.

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All other Boeings except the 737 has a brown cockpit. The Jumbo Jet, the 757, the 767, and the 777 has one too plus added some stylish neon-green label and cockpit illumination to it.

I wonder why Boeing kept the dark grey style in the 737 until now, and never for example made the 737-MAX match the iconic brown cockpit colour tone.

But always great to see another 757 done, the 757 and 767 are normally the most neglected airliners in all flight sims. :slight_smile:


I tried so hard to get on with Asobo’s 747, even with the great salty mod, but i just couldn’t feel the immersion like i do with the A32NX, so i gave up trying.

Now with the 737, it’s a whole different story, as it’s becoming my most flown aircraft ever since its release.

I guess you can’t have everything :slight_smile:

So do we have 3 different companies on the 757 then ? I think bluebird / this one /pmdg hinted

Would be nice to have a good 787 ( 900 / 800 ) or freighter 747-8 ( short upper deck ) but nobody looks to to be interested . Instead all fishing in the same pond ?

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How could I miss this from the beginning.

Now for this Boeing 757 alone, we have many choices. But I think you guys will get more ‚customers‘ and more ‚sale‘ since it comes to us as a freeware airliner.

The more great development teams hop in the better :wink:

The 757 and 767 are the most beautyful Boeings. The slim and long body, the engines with the huge diameter,


I love the fast agile and small look of this plane.

Well Id definitely would be open to a 787-900 / 800. But currently Dev digital are the only ones making a free 757.