Dev tools show wrong VRAM amount [11GB instead of 12GB in my case]

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I am an user of a Nvidia RTX3080Ti and MSFS Developer tools show i have 11GB of VRAM instead of 12GB.
I confirmed it with another 3080Ti user and they had the same thing displayed.
I’m not sure if it actually caps to 11GB within the sim or if it’s just displaying it wrong.

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check vram and compare to gpu mem 2nd value after /

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5800X3D - 3080Ti - 32GB RAM - Win 11

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I noticed this last SU, but probably was this way for a longer time.

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Some VRAM is needed by the operating system; you can’t allocate all of it to the game.

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yeah i probably read this wrong.
VRAM allocation and process usage probably instead of full system usage and cap.

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