[DevDiary] VTBS Suvarnabhumi Airport Thailand | SiamFlight

Hiya friends.

I’m Charkhorn(SiamFilght). I will use this post to support/update for VTBS Suvarnabhumi airport project after release.

From product announcement: v1.0

Feel free to ask, request, comment/complaints :rofl: and discussed here. I’ll try to help as much as I can.

I’ll try to update “After Release” WIP here if time allows.


WIP v1.0.1 North Terminal details.



[DevDiary] SiamFlight VTBS Suvarnabhumi Airport MSFS

#WIP v1.0.1 20220828 not yet release.

  • Add more detail on Taxiways, tire marks. request by Benjamin.

  • Add building interior glass material (some a little flickering to be expected) request by Krisada.

  • Remove SCB advertising (as of 20220828 Suvarnabhumi airport remove all of it ) request by Doh.

  • Ramayana Giant (still only color now :rofl: will update more later) request by Captain Mual2027.

  • Add more detail of North Terminal here and there.

  • Suvarnabhumi Airport sign support structure.

Thank you, Rittikiat for T-Mark and other detail image around apron!

Thank you, Captain Mual2027 for the review.

Thank you, ฮัน ตุ่นเฮ้า for the MV :+1:


#msfs2020 #airport #VTBS #SiamFlight #devdiary

You guy can check it out here.


This looks awesome! Wow!!

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I was hoping someone would make a nice VTSB and this looks really well done. I will definitely check it out. Will it become available in the sim marketplace at some point?

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My application of MSFS Marketplace Partner Program is still “under review” until now :rofl:. Will try real hard to make it to the Marketplace.



[DevDiary] SiamFlight VTBS Suvarnabhumi Airport MSFS
#WIP v1.0.1 202200901 not yet release.

  • Add water mark on concourse’s glass. Request by Phuripatch
  • Reduce color of Concourse interior glass. Request by ฮัน
  • add more details in North terminal, textures, check-in counter signs, glass panel details, airlines detail on each sign.
  • start modeling HHBL/Skylane. Request by Kris
  • add perimeter walls around (but not all) the airport. Request by Jeonghyun
  • expect to release in iniBuilds.com store, Sep 7th.




I checked on Simmarket and the version number for this airport on their website is still 1.0.

Do you know when 1.0.1 will be released on Simmarket?


Hiya CaptainK454555.

V1.0.1 is still WIP.
I will try to release it within a few days.


Thank you for the information!

I bought this airport on SimMarket today and it’s a fantastic product.

I was a bit concerned about performance since VTBS is a giant airport but the performance was actually much better than I expected. Great job!


VTBS Suvarnabhumi just update to v1.0.1

Cheers! :heart: :airplane:


There is a problem on my part that you guys may have with the SimInstaller from simMarket that is now fixed.

If you use simMarket simInstaller after this post, it should be ok, without any problems.

But in case you still have the problem, please follow the instruction below.


  • VTBS v1.0 and v1.0.1 appear altogeter.


  • My mistake, I should replace my add-on folder with use the same name without any “_v1.0.1” at the end.

How to fix it

  • Go to your MSFS Community folder.
  • You should see two VTBS add-on folders. “siamflight-airport-vtbs-suvarnabhumi” and “siamflight-airport-vtbs-suvarnabhumi_v1.0.1”
  • Remove “siamflight-airport-vtbs-suvarnabhumi”
  • Then rename siamflight-airport-vtbs-suvarnabhumi_v1.0.1 to siamflight-airport-vtbs-suvarnabhumi
  • Restart MSFS

Problems image.

After fix.

Shout out to Metha Rakkaew for pointing out the problem! :pray: :heart: :airplane:

SiamFlight :heart: :airplane:


[DevDiary] SiamFlight VTBS Suvarnabhumi Airport MSFS
#WIP v1.0.2 20220911 - not yet release

  • TG Hangar improvement.
  • Add a parking spot, so you can spawn here. :laughing:

support me at
iniBuilds and simMarket
Just search for SiamFlight

:pray: :heart: :airplane:


[DevDiary] SiamFlight VTBS Suvarnabhumi Airport MSFS
#WIP v1.0.2 20220915 - not yet release

  • Apron 4k texture/colorize update.
  • Concourse details improvement.

support me at
iniBuilds and simMarket
Just search for SiamFlight

:pray: :heart: :airplane:


[DevDiary] VTBS Suvarnabhumi Airport MSFS - SiamFlight
#WIP v1.0.2 20220918 - ยังไม่ได้ Release นะครับ

  • Animated airport rail link.
  • Sky bridge to HHBL.
  • Long-term parking lot and three fuel stations.
  • Airport bus terminal.
  • More Buildings around the airport.
  • Airside and landside road network light row.
  • Outer road missing sections fixed.
  • Baggage at E5 gate removed.

support me at
iniBuilds and simMarket
Just search for SiamFlight

:pray: :heart: :airplane:


[DevDiary] VTBS Suvarnabhumi Airport MSFS - SiamFlight
#UPDATE v1.0.2 20221011

Love my work, please help me with a review would be appreciated.
*** Here is LODs/FPS Release, BUT… I’m no gaming technical wizard. Just follow MSFS2020 SDK performance recommendations as close as I can. :laughing: For now half of the models/draw calls have been done, halfway to go.
*** That means any feedback from you guys would be nice! ****

  • TG hangar details improved with LOD.
  • TG building group LOD.
  • Main tower LOD.
  • Apron 4k texture and re-colorize.
  • North terminal 4k textures added.
  • North terminal details improved.
  • North terminal LOD/Drawcalls optimization.
  • Satellite1 terminal LOD.
  • Transfer Baggage Terminal LOD.
  • Concourse light figures added.
  • Concourse details improved.
  • Concourse sala installation added.
  • Concourse LOD/Draw calls optimization.
  • Jetways link glass wall texture replaced.
  • Jetways LOD/Draw calls optimization. all 9 types of 167 jetways total.
  • Windsocks lighting added.
  • Airport bus terminal added.
  • Long-term parking lot and fuel stations added.
  • Sky bridge to HHBL added.
  • Animated airport rail link added.
  • Missing painted lines to Satellite-1 terminal added.
  • Clean up some duplicated ground objects.
  • More Buildings around the airport added.
  • Airside and landside road network light rows added.
  • Sequenced Flashing Approach Lights Enabled on all runways.
  • More details on expressway signs.
  • Baggage at E5 gate moved!

Future update/requested list

  • Helipad near Suvarnabhumi 3 Rd.
  • More Buildings around the airport. // Ongoing //
  • Advertising Billboards surrounding.
  • Central village.
  • Rail link stations.
  • More LODs. // Ongoing //
  • Animated passenger around the Terminal and Concourse.

support me at
iniBuilds and simMarket
Just search for SiamFlight

:pray: :heart: :airplane:


Hi SiamFlight, few months ago you was dealing to get this very beautifull airport into the ingame MarketPlace of MSFS2020. Till now, it is not released yet in the MP. Do yo uhave any idea when this will be available?


Thanks for asking.

Good news is I am now get in partnership program. So my product should makes its way to Marketplace somehow.

Bad news is I still wait for MS to open the channel for me to sent my VTBS to MS team to process it.

They kind of busy with 40th anniversary. ( I am waiting like a month already :sweat_smile:) but I can imagine it might be a lot of work before the years end.

I’ll try to push a little bit more.
Thank you for your support. :pray::thailand::airplane:


Cool! Im waiting for it!
Do you have any plans to develop other airports too?
If yes, which one will it be? Because VTBS is very high quality and like to buy other airports from you.
It will be pitty if buy other airport from other dev, but like to prefer buy from you.

Thank you and have nice Xmas!

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Yes, Now I am developing a small airport in Thailand, VTPH.

Have a lot of requests list, but may take sometime, I am just a lone developer.

Any suggestions or airport requests would be appreciated.


Thanks for your great work and please consider adding VTSG (Krabi Airport) into your airport list :slight_smile:

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