Developer Display FPS does not report GPU VRAM properly

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RivaTuners GPU VRAM vs MSFS GPU MEM does not match
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5800X3D/32GB RAM / 3080Ti 12GB VRAM

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I was having major Mainthread limited error until I realized using MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner statistic that I was running out of VRAM.

Are you using DX11 or DX12?

Are you using DLSS?
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Isn’t this just the difference between total usage and what the game itself is using? Maybe you have something else running that’s also using VMem.

it’s possible but how am I supposed to managed my settings in MSFS if it doesn’t report the proper amount of VRAM that is being used right now.

Good question.

Makes sense like this, because it tells you that something other than MSFS is apparently using over 50% of your VRAM.

That said, it would be more helpful if the dev tool info showed all three values - MSFS use, total use, maximum available.

You could use Task Manager’s ‘Processes’ tab to show you that info.

it is not. It’s all GPU VRAM besides the OS uses VRAM. The issue is that we have been using this DIsplay FPS for years as a tool to help use change graphics settings nad monitor bottleneck. Turns out that maybe it’s GPU MEM allocated versus reserved that makes the difference here. Either way. I was hitting hard bottleneck and it was bogging down the mainthread until I switch tools and find out why