Developer FPS vs. Adrenaline FPS

I have a decent PC with a new RX 6800 graphics card. When I run in dev mode and show fps, it shows something like 30 fps (ultra, 4k). When I run the Adrenaline software (Alt + R), it shows me 96 fps. Which one is correct? Strangely, when I run Adrenaline and collapse the window to the left, then the dev mode fps count actually increases by around 30%. Confused…

i think its like with DLSS on NVidia cards…
DLSS3 shows with Afterburner around 80 fps while ingame fps counter say only 40 fps (just example values)

And which one is correct?

i think its from Afterbunrer/Adrenaline

that’s not DLSS3. That’s Frame Generation. The game is spitting out 40 FPS but the card is generating frames between those to double the FPS. So Afterburner is reporting the 80 FPS.

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I have the same problem. My pc has GPU GEforce 4090, CPU intel i core 9 13900K, 32GB Ram, windows 11, monitor samsung Odissey 49" curve. In challenge scenario (KLAX airbus FBW), with ULTRA graphic set, the dev mode shows less 30 FPS (performance unacettable for this kind of PC), while the Geforce app show more than 70 FPS. Which is correct? Is my Pc performing right or there is something wrong?