Developer Mode - Add Altitude to Teleport


Currently Dev Teleport window only provide a way to change latitude / longitude (or OACI code).
It will be great if this teleport window could also provide a way to change easily altitude.

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Hi @scls19fr!
I’ve moved your topic into the #self-service:wishlist for community voting on adding a feature to MSFS. I’ve also modified your title just a bit. :wink:

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Hi @Hester40MT,

Happy New Year 2022 !

Being able to press a button in teleport window to increase altitude by a given altitude increment (500m for example) could be great feature to have.

Maybe Teleport window could even be improved to provide a way to set also initial speed, bearing but also other angles such as bank angle and pitch angle.

An other improvement for teleport window could be to display by default current position : latitude / longitude instead of -1.000000 -1.000000

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Hello @scls19fr!
Are you aware that most proposed features available in slew mode?
After Y key pressed, you can change position (NUM 4 8 6 2), heading (1 3), bank (7 9), altitude (F1 F4)
No airspeed though, it will be taken from relative FLT file of the aircraft.

I am using it in development, and don’t feel any additional improvements are required, especially in 3rd party tools. Let me know what you think about it.

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Thanks @thealx2901 I wasn’t aware of this “slew mode” feature.
Bank setting with 7 9 is really too fast in my case
Is there a way to also set pitch angle ?
Sad not to see a way to correctly setup initial speed.
A 3rd party tool which could allow differents initial positions (and initial speed) will be great for educational purpose ! Having an other tab named Teleport in Kinetic Assistant could fit that need but improving Teleport window in Dev Mode could also be a way to do that.
Being able to define custom teleport points (using a simple text format) could also be great !

It is true about bank adjustment, not sure sensitivity can be decreased.

F5 F8 pitch up and down

It may be not a bad idea to add same control features in KineticAssistant, just not sure many will use it. I’ll think about possible implementation, thanks for the ideas.

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I’m really surprised that this request is unpopular. Maybe people aren’t aware of this feature?