Developers upgrade or Application upgrade?

There is a lot of confusion when a Developers upgrade is announced.

Many foreign members (moi :blush:) are getting confused because the word “Developers-upgrade” has multiple meanings in other languages.

My suggestion is to use “Developers-upgrade” when Asobo- and Microsoft’s producers announce the latest gossip :eyes: in relation to Flight-simulator 2020, and “Application upgrade” when it concerns a software / Application upgrade :gear:.

This way we can also prepare ourselves by backing-up important files and directories. We can postpone any other upgrades like GPU-drivers and Windows-Updates. We can also rule out crashes caused by other updates and avoid confusion when a crash is caused by a non-fs related update. (With a bit of fantasy you understand what I mean in the previous line :thinking:).

Last but not least we avoid clutter in “error topics” that were created weeks ago about problems that are already solved.

Thanks for reading :wink:

They’ve already changed this.

  • patches are now called ‘Update’
  • the blog style posts from the developers are now called ‘Feedback snapshot’
  • SDK updates are called just that. It’s an update to the SDK.

so your post is a couple of weeks late :slight_smile:

Thanks Mort :wink:,

I see I have to remain focused. I didn’t notice this till now.
I just have to figure out how to delete this topic.

No problem, it’ll drop down the list :slight_smile:

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the feedback snapshot is just the list of wishes/bugs:

The blog is called ‘development update’. I agree this is confusing. It should just be called devblog instead of trying to find fancy names.

You get used to it, but it’s confusing for new members.

No, you’re wrong. They’ve been called ‘Feedback snapshot’ for a while now. See the screenshot I attached in my post above.

There’s nothing called ‘developer update’ in there anymore.

I am correct :smiley:

The feedback snapshot means they’ll post the image I posted above. The devblog happens every week.

Then highlight in my picture where this ‘developer update’ is mentioned.

They used to be in there, at the spots where the ‘feedback snapshot’ is listed now.
It’s been replaced, and the image you posted reflects this.

The image I posted says ‘feedback snapshot’.
The title of the devlogs is called ‘development update’:

The development happens every week. They are not mentioned on the development roadmap, because they are just the dates.

Hmz, odd that they’re still called that on the posts. They used to be called that in this screenshot as well. It got changed in this picture, but they haven’t changed them in the names of the posts then. Odd.

Closed in consultation with the OP.