Development of Sim Skunk Works F-104G - Single seater Zipper-

Hi all,
We are happy to announce that the developing of single seater is started.
We can’t set a release date right now,since there are many features to adjust and implement.
External fuselage is completed,we are working on internal layout and systems.
The single seater will have the dual option of C2/Q7 seats (like the dual seater,as soon as the Q7 will be ready) and we are also working on a “tablet” to setup the aircraft inside the simulator (also this option will be implemented on dual seater).
As usual,stay tuned!


excellent news, very much looking forward to this! The two seater was just great!

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Can’t wait! The TF has been pretty much the only thing I fly these days.
Will this version, like in P3D, have droppable ordnance? Your G.91 has this feature and it was really a nice touch.

Looks great! Will you consider a package deal for buying both versions?

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Woohoo! Can’t wait :slight_smile:

Yes,there will be this option.
Also depending on vendor’s capability,TF’s customers will have a discount on single seater.


Just found this on a junkyard.
A good starting point,with an heavy discount.
Next week we will receive all the paint cans and stencils, to start the restoring!


No,I was joking…there is something ready since a couple of days,while the Q7 seat is in completion…


I was hoping we would see more anniversary paints!! There have been a couple done by third parties.

Sorry, just had to share this phenominal pic someone posted on Twitter:


Yeah, when you don’t have a wing, close formation can be really close :slight_smile:


Liveries painting while working on systems,tablet and other stuff…


Hello.I got a question.
Is the 2 seater that i have,is it only for training purposes,and that’s why it doesn’t have any weapons or gatling gun such as this one which i see the “hole” for the gun in the picture ?
I was doing a little digging today about this aeroplane for my country (Greece) and i was searching for the gun placement on the side under the cockpit and there was nowhere to be seen :joy:
Then,i saw your pic here.
So,will this one have guns and sidewinders in order for me to purchase it since i already have the 2 seater ?
And PLEASE leave the pilot in the cockpit so we can create videos with him inside of it


My paintbrushes are quivering with anticipation…

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Hi,for now we don’t have in plans to put weapons under our F-104’s,also for restrictions made by Microsoft about weapon policy.

huh?What happened to the outside the marketplace we get loadouts with your external app like the G91 does ?
Other aircraft as well have weaponry.This is pc we’re talking about.

Thank you,we will take note of your suggestions.


MB Q7 seat “injection” in the single seater.
Depending from age and nation,both seats (C2 and Q7) will be available (this benefit will be included also on twin seater).
Like on the G-91,we have on final a dedicated “tablet” for single seater and TF’s.
Stay tuned!


Looking great, can’t wait!