Development of sim skunk works LOCKHEED TF-FRF-104 G

Won’t be so soon, due to some external factors, WASM modules currently do not work on XBOX. Since our product depends heavily on WASM to function correctly, we have to wait until WASM functionality is unblocked on XBOX,

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Many tks for info

I have bought via SimMarket the single seat version (already had the 2 seat version). Unfortunately, the plane causes a CTD. Not only with the Starfighter, but ALL planes when I want to fly from an airport. I tried it three times, but no avail. So, I uninstalled it. Because if not, I could not fly anymore. Am I the only one having this strange CTD?

Disclaimer: I have no issues with the 104, I love it.

I have been having CTD issues similar to yours where a plane would work on the first load and never again after until I deleted the content.xml file or the other app data files for the plane. I found that if I loaded a default plane, edited the sim, and reloaded it I would be able to load the addon plane again. I found that this was happening to several addons, so I figured something bad found it’s way into my community folder. I started removing recently installed addons from my community folder until the crashes stopped, and for me it was one of two freeware helicopters, or a repaint for them. You may want to sort your community folder by date and start moving newer stuff into a backup folder and see if things improve.

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Thank you. I will try this.

I was having CTDs with the TF-104G and some other add-ons. The symptom was an NTLDLL.dll error in the event logger. The procedure described here worked for me. I’ve had to do this a few times in the past months (often after an MSFS update) since something seems to occasionally corrupt my Windows install:

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Two seater half-price at Orbx if you haven’t got it yet…

will the Two seater be updated with the kneeboard and get rid of the external app anytime soon?


SIM SKUNK WORKS version 1.1 has been uploaded to vendors:

  • Just Flight
  • Aerosoft
  • Orbx
    soon will be available
    Also version 1.0 on SimMarket has been updated to 1.1
  • Fixed a bug that prevented user to customize TAIL NUMBER
  • Updated frf104g_hints.pdf
  • Turkish roundel added to kneeboard
  • Painters that want add liveries should read the frf104g_hints.pdf at page 16 “BARCODES”

yes we are working on it


Out of Curiosity, what does the Tablet/Kneeboard all feature?


  • it lets you load external tanks and refuel
  • to load INS flight plan files
  • and more…

Hi phobos8287, I followed your advice, and loo and behold: it worked! Thank you.

I have donwloaded the latest version (v. 1.1.0) and alas, same problem all over again. And this time deleting the content.xml file does not work anymore.

Glad to hear it!

we have discovered that for some reason SimMarket is not distributing latest version 1.1, what is downloadable right now is version 1.0.
Already advised SimMarket to correct the issue.
Correct version can be checked opening with a plain editor the file manifest.json in aircraft root directory, it should show:

"package_version": "1.1.0",  
"minimum_game_version": "1.24.5",

apologize for inconvenience

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Just tried a download from Simmarket. Still distributing the 1.0.0 version. :pensive:

now situation at SimMarket seems to be restored, hopefully you can download version 1.1.1
Apologize for inconvenience even if out of our control.


I flew onboard this ship in 1991 from KEFD with Jim Robinson at the controls ; a definite awesome experience

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Hi !
I’ve an issue : when I lauch lady, tobii eye don’t work anymore !
But Left CRL W work fine

hello, please let me know what “tobii eye” is
okay discovered what is Tobii Eye tracker.
Next TF version won’t have LadySetup anymore, using kneeboard instead.