Development Updates question

I keep seeing these Development Updates on Twitter from the MSFS team. However, when I go into the program and it goes to checking for updates, there aren’t any. Is that normal? I’m on

I do see marketplace updates, so I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything.


Hi @Stephen0118,
I’ve moved your topic into General Discussion.

Development updates and sim updates are different. And I do agree the wording should be different. :wink:

Think of Development updates as Development Progress. When updates (actual software update) come out it’s usually announced as “Release” followed with “Patch Notes”.

You can see the listing of both in the #community:news-and-announcements area of the forum.

If you want to know when “updates” to MSFS are scheduled, look at the latest “Development Update” and the section “Development Roadmap”. The last one is listed here:


Thanks for the explanation @Hester40MT.

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