Development verison new MCDU

I am self taught , so this is likely human error.

i had been successfully creating flight plans using standard MSFS and it all more or less worked.
Now when i do it, i get nothing in the MCDU. on reading the info on the FBW web site i thought the issue could be the “Sync MSFS Flight Plan” in the sky pad, but its set to Load Only which i believe is right

Also if i go to the MCDU i used to be able to type an airport or waypoint on the “DIR” tab and put it into waypoint. It accepts it but sets it as the FROM value rather than TO value

So guessing i have some other setting incorrect, so some advice or pointy me at some instructions / video to watch would be great


I believe creating a flight plan via SimBrief is the way to go for the current dev version. then just import it both to the world map flight plan (so your ATC can have a flight plan to based itself on). But the A32NX will load the flight plan directly from SimBrief.

Just make sure the MSFS Sync setting is actually set to None. So they don’t interfere with each other.

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