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Let there be droop!

You think a fully simulated hydraulic cargo door was a bit overkill? Thanks to that change, we have real time hydraulic simulation for every surface of the plane.

Each actuator is physically modelled up to its own servo position control loop. See that right elevator coming alive before left one? That’s because of the power transfer unit lag. Each actuator has its own hydraulic sealing characteristic, which will cause individual droop behaviour.

More about this in an upcoming NOTAM.


Hi there,

We are happy to announce that after a solid round of testing in our Experimental version, TCAS (including traffic display, TA/RA audio and TCAS FD/AP modes) is now available to everyone in the Development version! We have made some final performance improvements that have allowed merging in this long-awaited feature!

Additionally, we have also merged version 1.5 of our custom flight management system in the Development branch! For more information see the documentation below!

Custom Flight Management Documentation:
TCAS Information:

Download now using our installer: https://api.flybywiresim.com/installer
Or using a direct download: https://api.flybywiresim.com/api/v1/download?url=https://flybywiresim-packages.b-cdn.net/vmaster/A32NX-master.zip


Hi there,

We have a little surprise for all of our pilots who prefer to fly in the first officer’s seat.

Now on the Development Version.


Hi there,

Over the past year and a half, the A32NX soundscape has vastly progressed fully replacing default Asobo sounds. All sound changes were approved by our pilots and engineers.

We invite you to sit back and immerse yourself in this showcase!


Hi there again,

We have recently merged an improvement for our SimBrief integration. It is now possible to configure separate passenger and luggage weights.

For more details on the new feature see the documentation:

For this to work you need to update the SimBrief airframe to the one we are providing here:


Hi there,

We’re excited to release FBW Installer v3, which includes a completely new UI, “clean” uninstall functionality, quicklinks to documentation and release notes, and a few other great features.

To get started, download here: https://api.flybywiresim.com/installer


Hi there,

Good news for jumbo jet enjoyers! You can now download Salty Sim’s Salty 74S from our installer! Simply update the software and share the same convenient modular updates you have with our A32NX.

FBW Installer: https://api.flybywiresim.com/installer


Hi there,

Here’s an early preview of gear operation using only the yellow electric pump via the power transfer unit. Once again no animation here: everything is simulated in real-time. That poor yellow pump takes quite a beating!

Available in experimental. https://docs.flybywiresim.com/exp/


Hi there,

We previewed some high-quality ground equipment a few months ago, namely, cones and chocks.

Unfortunately, a delay in shipping meant that the ground service equipment ended up scattered around the world… teams of our dedicated developers have managed to track every missing container, and today, have delivered those cones and chocks to the A32NX Development version right in your installer!

Learn about ground service equipment here:

Get our installer: https://api.flybywiresim.com/installer


Hi there,

We have released flyPadOS 3 into the Development version!

Our latest NOTAM provides insight into the many features you can enjoy today:

To learn how to use flyPadOS 3 please see our documentation:

Happy flying.


Hi there,

We have adjusted gross weight (GW) logic and computation in the FMS and other monitoring systems for the development version. This includes accurate conditions where GW is displayed and appropriate warnings on the MCDU when the aircraft is not initialized correctly.


Please see our documentation for more information:

Join us on Discord: FlyByWire Simulations


Hi there,

We are happy to announce the release of SimBridge with FBW Installer v3.2.0. SimBridge is our custom-built solution to connect our aircraft to various external devices and data.

NOTE: Update your installer and SimBridge to the latest versions to maintain compatibility. Additionally, the MCDU server is no longer on experimental and is now a feature included with SimBridge!

Read here for setup information and features available: https://docs.flybywiresim.com/simbridge/

As part of this release, the Experimental Verison is getting some new features for testing! Been missing some critical information operating out of LOWI or NZQN?

Terrain Display is now ready for testing! In case you’ve missed it recently, we’ve also included our new weight and balance feature on the EFB, pause at TOD, and prepared the remote MCDU for testing with SimBridge.



Please note some features may not be fully optimized.

Want to stay up-to-date with experimental? Bookmark this page: https://docs.flybywiresim.com/exp/

Can you guess what terrain is showing in our previews?

Join us on discord: https://discord.gg/flybywire


Hi there,

We have merged the new payload management feature in our flyPadOS 3! You can now customize your passenger placement, weights, and cargo distribution. Available in the Development version.

Please note changes to our documentation: https://docs.flybywiresim.com/fbw-a32nx/feature-guides/loading-fuel-weight/


Hi there,

We have finished moving the MCDU Remote Display feature to SimBridge for our Development version. SimBridge is now required if you would like to continue using this feature and future remote displays.

Please see the following documentation:

Stay up-to-date with SimBridge:

NOTE: Stable version still uses the non-SimBridge version utilizing the server.exe

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Hi there,

Honeywell’s JetWave Satcom provides in-flight Wi-Fi that is fast, reliable, and available anytime, anywhere, at any altitude. Featuring custom 3D model and texturing in-flight Wi-Fi is now in the A32NX! Now available in the Development version! (Toggle visibility through the EFB).

Documentation: https://docs.flybywiresim.com/fbw-a32nx/feature-guides/flypados3/settings/#aircraft-options-pin-programs


Hi there,

We have released our Local Files feature into the Development version!

Save your own PNGs and PDFs with charts and relevant documentation for your flights! Accessible on the flyPad!

SimBridge Required.

Guide Here: https://docs.flybywiresim.com/fbw-a32nx/feature-guides/flypados3/charts/#local-files


Hi there,

We are happy to announce that TERR ON ND is now available on the Development version. Please update your aircraft and ensure that SimBridge is running before utilizing this feature in the simulator.



Documentation: https://docs.flybywiresim.com/simbridge/terrain/

Happy Flying!


Hi there,

We have recently merged a new version of the Terrain on ND.

It is mandatory you update SimBridge AND our development/experimental versions.

The new version solves some performance issues and we’ve added general visualization improvements.
The latest version of SimBridge is 0.4.0.

Happy Flying!


Hi there,

today I want to announce two major improvements.


Introducing our latest visual update, a complete overhaul of the cockpit lighting system.

We have removed every single light within the cockpit and redone everything from scratch, resulting in proper reflections on all materials. Our flood lights now cast ambient light, thanks to reference data and the hard work of our contributors (especially FinalLight and MoreRightRudder). The dome lights have also been enhanced.

In addition, we have made changes to the clock power behavior, wing lights and added new glass textures, giving the cockpit an even more realistic look and feel.
We are proud to have such a talented community of contributors who have helped us make these significant improvements. Now available in both Dev/Exp versions!

Fuel System Architecture

We have reworked the old default Asobo fuel system that was incorrectly based on the A320CEO. Fuel is transferred correctly from the center tank to the inner tanks from where it flows into the engines under the correct conditions. We’ve also implemented more realistic features both new and reworked:

  • Crossfeed capability has been added. Fuel will be correctly drawn from the correct inner tank to feed both engines.
  • Mode selector is now operative.
  • Center tank fuel pump pushbuttons on the overhead panel have been changed to control center tank transfer valves as on the real A320NEO.
  • Center tank fuel will now transfer to the inner tanks rather than being fed directly to the engines.
  • Mode Sel switch in manual mode all center tank fuel transfer is controlled manually by the flight crew.
  • ECAM fuel page has been updated to show fuel quantity changes, correct valve positioning, and correct coloration.

Now available in both Dev/Exp versions!

Happy Flying!

PS: Also the wipers work now and the CG trim markings is fixed (yes the wipers wipe)


Hi there,

Our custom-built implementation of VNAV Version 1 is now on our Development version! Pilots now have vertical guidance in managed modes in all phases of flight alongside appropriate visual indicators on the ND and various available predictions in MCDU. We also added a quality of life pause at T/D feature.

While we do still have features for VNAV yet to come, a huge thanks is in order for a team-wide effort to finally bring this out of testing.

Vertical navigation for RNP approaches are still works in progress.

See full feature set and documentation here: https://docs.flybywiresim.com/vnav/

Happy Flying!