DHC-2 Startup Procedure video

I hope may be useful:



Nice Video, I like to fly the beaver with floats. :heart_eyes:
I saw one safety issue, regarding on real life operation. :blush:
No turning engine without beacon on. You made a short „dry run“ at the beginning and switched the beacon after that.
Anyway, for what reason is the dry run?

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The dry run on the radial engines is to distribute the oil among all the cylinders, on the Beaver it is made with the starter, on other planes the propeller is turned by hand. No beacon because the engine not be started at this stage.
Anyway first to turn it, we must verify the propeller is clear. In real life we shout: “LIBRE” (in spanish speaking country, of course)

Kind regards.

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During startup, does anyone else get a large impact on frame rate until the engine has started?

It recovers pretty quickly afterward, as the switch automatically turns off.