Diamond DA62 not following GPS Flight Plan properly

I’m trying to learn the Diamond DA62 but the AP on the G1000 has trouble with the GPS flight plan.
I load the FP before I even set up the flight, using a specific starting position (a GA ramp)
I set the CDI on the PFD to GPS and it shows correct directions in magenta, as it should.
I set NAV on the AP panel, so I understood that this will ensure that the aircraft will follow the FP.
At over 1000 ft and still flying on/close to the magenta line I engage the AP and this is where it all goes wrong. The aircraft will start a turn and head back and overfly the airport and continue circling until it intercepts the FP and then it will follow it accurately.
What am I doing wrong, or this some kind of bug? I think I may have used the G1000 AP in the Cessna 172 without this happening so it could be peculiar to the DA62? I’ll try same FP in the Cessna 172 and see what happens.
Thanks in advance for any useful replies.

Sorry, but I forgot to add this and it may well be relevant!
I create my flight plans in Little Navmap and load them into MSFS. I also check on the built in VFR map that my flight plan is shown. It always is, albeit with a more gradual turn than say a 90 degree turn in the Little Navmap FP.

With or without the G1000 NXi?

The NXi works a bit differently than the stock G1000

I’m not sure - it’s the default G1000 that comes with the aircraft. I’m trying to fly from EGAA (Belfast Aldergrove) to EIDW (Dublin) and while still on runway heading I engage AP and aircraft turns right does a full circle and then picks up the flight and follows it all the way. I tried this evening with the Cessna 172 and the same thing happens.

Are you sure there isn’t a rouge waypoint in there? Maybe a vor on the field that needs to be removed for the departure? Also highly suggest working title G1000 Nxi mod over stock G1000.

Sorry for late reply. Thanks but all I can see is that for some flight plans the aircraft turns back towards airport, overflies the airport then it picks up the flight plan. It looks like it sees the departure airport as being a very specific spot in the airport so it tries to start from there?
Since I posted this I’ve discovered that this problem is not unique to the Diamond DA62.
My workaround is to immediately disengage the AP then visually follow the FP on the MFD - not ideal but seems to allow me (I’d need to check this) to re-engage the AP further along the route.


Screenshots of your PFD and the MFD while showing the Flight Plan screen will probably help.

Try installing the G1000 Nxi. I believe it’s free and can be found in the marketplace.
I had this same problem and did exactly what you are doing by disengaging AP and manually getting back on course and when on the correct heading re-engaging the AP. I won’t swear to it, (I haven’t flown the 62 in awhile) but I believe that issue went away after I installed the mod.

I only have 50 hours up, so still learning, but I often have this exact problem, not every time possibly due to turning on the AP at different stages in the flight. I have the Nxi mod installed, no difference there for me.