Diamond DA62 seems to have lost engine power or lift

Do any of you feel that DA62 has lost engine power or lift? Now it seems impossible to achieve the rated cruising speed of around 170 kt (TAS) at 75% power. The plane also seems quite bottom heavy now and my landings have become quite hard :slight_smile:

Install this mod. You won’t regret it!

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Thank you so much! This mod solved the cruising speed AND the bottom heavy (=high angle of attack) behavior. As a nice bonus, it also fixed several other problems, such as the ice light, engine load, RPM behavior etc…

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Yea, the problem with the unmodded version is that the load factor is completely off. But if you set the power to get the appropriate fuel flow for 75% power @12k feet (7.4 GPH/engine), it actually results in TAS being very close to the actual correct value.
Hopefully they sort out the original version so mods aren’t required.


Ah, I determined the 75% from the throttle tool tip (which the mod takes away, btw) because the load factor is so off (100% almost always). So, throttle at 75% gave me a TAS that was way less. BUT the mod also seems to fix the high angle of attack which was giving me headache during landings, so engine thrust was not the only problem.

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Could you reopen? As mods are not possible for everyone (xbox) plus that would be a workaround till Asobo/WT do fix the stock Aircraft behaviour.

Sure. I hope there wouldn’t be a need for mods as keeping them up to date is a burden. But the wait can be very long. At least they finally improved the CJ4 and others so maybe there is some hope.