Did SU6 bring turbulence? my best flight ever w/ VR + 6DOF motion platform

Hi everyone

For someone sim’ing since '80s, after SU6 … my best experience ever.

My rig with VR and DOF Reality 6DOF motion platform (detailed below), for me what was missing is the feeling being “airborne”.

All the motion for pitch + roll + ground and engine shake was there, just the “heave motion” was minor only in some turbulence in mountain areas.

After SU6, turbulence was obvious that made me do this:

  • Fly my favorite aircraft WT CJ4
  • Took 1.5H flight in captain seat
  • Repeat (replay with flight recorder) the whole flight in the passenger seat

It was truly amazing experience can’t be described in word or videos, deserves the 3 hours.

Here is a video from VR, the shakes caused by the seat turbulence movement:

Another video shows how the seat responding to turbulence:

If you have the 6DOF from DOF Reality and using “Sim Racing Studio” to control the motion, here is the setting that I used:

Hope this is useful

i9 w/ RTX3090
H6 DOF Reality motion platform
HP Reverb G2
Thrustmaster Airbus side stick and throttle
Shakebox for under seat engine vibration
Intellibox fan for wind


That is too awesome!
I’m going to start working on a 6DOF setup!
I feel my experience isn’t complete without some sort of force feedback.
I want to feel somewhat like I’m suspended in the air currents piloting various sized metal coffins.
I like how you pieced together your racing and sim equipment all on one stand!
Tell you what… it saves so much more room your way!:rofl:
Here’s my room

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You can use like this lap table, and be your home office also.

You know, some work can be done at FL410

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