Did that fix your problem? CTD Gone!

I have been trying to drill down thru the “bug” posts. What suggestions put forth have worked to solve some of the nagging issues some users have encountered? I was hoping to be able to create a step by step troubleshooting guide, in the hope that we could start to nail down what ARE bugs and what are system/setting issues.

The project has hit a wall. Trying to follow a user’s post from error report, thru other users suggestions and hopefully to a resolution. In far too many cases the OP just drops the conversation. I have encountered so many cases where helpful forum members have presented possible solutions or a path to try. Others encountering the same issue have stepped forward in solidarity with the OP. However, it is very rare for anyone to post, “That worked! Problem solved.”

Yes, it happens. Some users have been very appreciative that their issue was resolved. Too few however click the `Solution’ box at the bottom. Too many just disappear and we never know the result of the effort. There are lots of, “Thanks, I’ll try that”, and that is the last post.

I guess maybe it’s a culture thing. We have users from all over the world. I believe that if someone asks for help it is our duty to assist when we can. I also believe that if you asked for help, there is a duty to thank those that helped, even if it’s just a, " :+1: That worked, thanks."

I know, I keep posting on the forum all the time that we need to work together, and I am sure many of you are tired of hearing from me. I have found a wealth of information buried in this forum that has the potential to end a lot of user frustration. As I read many of the suggestions in the BUG posts, many of them have solid theory behind them and SHOULD have fixed the problem. MY frustration is that we will never know!

If someone had a problem, asked for help, was given a suggestion and we never heard from them again, logic would suggest that the suggestion solved the problem. But it is just as likely they solved the problem themselves or maybe got a solution from another source. It is also possible they just decided to quit playing and went back to Forza. If, in fact they got rid of the problem, it would be nice if they would post that. If it was a solution offered in the thread, CLICK THE SOLUTION BOX on that post so everyone else having the same problem can benefit. If not, then post what they did to solve it for themselves and CLICK THE SOLUTION BOX!

I will continue to mine for solutions and hopefully sometime in the new year will be able to post a System Configuration Troubleshooting Guide. It would be a lot easier if everyone that has been helped on this, (or other), forum and has had a problem fixed, would go back to the post that bailed them out and CLICK THE SOLUTION BOX! at the very least.

I appreciate those of you that suffered through to the end of this.

Merry Christmas

and click the box

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