Did the Bing world get updated?

I can’t get SU5 to install and when I did it lasted only 5 minutes before it CTD and corrupted and I am still downloading for about the 10th time … anyway … is the Bing world any better as where i fly in Aussie it was 5 years old!

Was sort of hoping Australia and NZ would get a world update but the obsession with the Northern hemisphere continues unabated so i was hoping for more recent Bing maps for Australia.


I wouldn’t expect any map updates this release cycle.

We will likely get a world update at some point, but we are a rather small population centre compared to Japan, USA, Europe, Britain.

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Sorry I was talking about SU5 satellite images rather than a fully blown working over with a world update.

I have to disagree that Au and NZ are not commercial as Orbx started in this place in the world and it’s not necessarily true that people only want to fly where they live.

Our Pommy brothers are all over the Orbx forum wanting more of Au and NZ.

There are some pretty spectacular places down under and with everything so low density it would not be that much work to do a lot of area don’t you think?

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When I said this (below), I was referring to satellite image updates during SU5.

I suspect New Zealand and Australia will get world updates at some point, but now there are more strategic areas for “free world updates”. The good news is, as you pointed out, our countries are getting good addons.

(Full Disclosure: I do some stuff with NZA Simulations)

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NZA are top of the game so I’ll be looking forward to what’s coming.

NZ is a spectacular little country for landscapes and great for helicopters too so I’ll be looking forward to their future releases! (if I ever get MSFS working and downloaded, I’m glad I kept Xplane now!)

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I’d love a World Update to Auz and NZ. I have a full tour of the countries planned and just waiting for such an update (Pom here!)

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I love a tour of GB! we can swap! Orbx have a new GB for MSFS so that will be a great addon!

HaHa. I actually have a flight plan that hits an airport in every UK county. I started after the U.K. update.

Hey, I finally got it downloaded and working (it was a corrupt file registry I think ).

Anyway the airport i fly out of YPJT has had its Bing map updated. I know this as YPJT has been highly developed for the last 10 years and the old map was 5 years old. the new one looks very recent so MS must have uploaded at least some new Bing maps.

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That’s true. I’m from the Netherlands (flat and boring) I prefer flying over mountainous areas like NZ , Scandinavia , Canada. Far more interesting.

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I like flying in the Netherlands :upside_down_face:

The world map got updated though. Now you can actually see almost every city, small lake, hills and so on beforehand. Helps a lot to choose a flight destination :slight_smile:

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I thought it did.

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