Different graphics in the trailer

hi everyone, i don’t understand why but i can’t see the coral reefs like on the trailer. Anyone have a solution to this problem? I tried ultra, there is nothing either. Thank you for your reply.

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That trailer might have been done with cached data. And perhaps HIGH detail on that cached data. So I would first try to download the cache data so that you get maximum detail when flying over it.

lol this is a nonsensical reply. the most up to date data is actually the online data. please don’t answer if you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Cached data is derived from online data? What he is saying is that your PC may not have the time to download it by the time you get in range and fly over it.

Easy there buddy. I simply am saying that you might not be getting the maximum detail because you’re downloading it on the go instead of having it pre cached.

I’ve been using Flight Simulators since 2003 in ever singable platform there has been and have always worked them inside out.

I also happen to want to help the new community thus why I responded. Let’s change the tone on how to answer to individuals that are trying to help others.

Have a good day.


Actually his answer was spot-on. The manually downloaded data )now cached on your hard drive) that you can get after creating a cache space can be a better quality than the streaming data if you zoom in enough to get the ‘high’ level quantity when selecting the areas for manual download. There are some good youtube videos out there that discuss this. Here’s one by ObsidianAnt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_K1cZF_kRo


Ok so how do you pre cache it? Because I don’t understand too much I’m French sorry I just need some simpler and clearer information. If I actually understand what we see on the trailer, it is not possible to have it in play?

See this video. He explains how.

Go to Options --> General --> Data

Scroll to bottom and go to cache settings.

  1. Turn ‘On’
  2. Set a limit
  3. Click ‘view’ on manual cache size (I recommend 20 GB - 50 GB to start, if you can)
  4. click ‘cache new region’ and select the area you want to cache. Zoom in areas to get it to the ‘high’ setting you need for the region you want.

Hope this helps…

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Most of world’s reefs and shallow water detail is simply not included in this game. In order to deal with quality issues in the aerial imagery, they blurred out most of the water detail leaving just a solid water color in its place. We’re hoping they add this back at a future time, but right now it makes flying around tropics pretty dull.


This has been addressed.

In the trailers, those were hand-masked areas because the Bing data and transitions are not good enough world-wide to do it with AI. Even in the trailer, you could see some hard transitions and such that wouldn’t pass in the final title.

They are now hand-drawing these areas. Some exist in the current version, most don’t. It will take time. This is a limitation of using orthos instead of generic water class.

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Unfortunately it didn’t work

It’s not only the water. I went to a couple of more exotic places (Hawaii, Caribbean, Okinawa) and they all look pretty much like my home area (middle europe): same trees, same ground textures, same houses… it’s a bit dissatisfying :frowning:

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