Different taxiway names in the sim and littlenavmap vs skyvector and navigraph

Ingame and littlenavmap taxiways have different names that the ones in skyvector and navigraph.
Kinda weird, no ?


There are many instances where MSFS provides wrong data. LNM is just displaying the wrong data from MSFS if it is set to read the MSFS database. Navi graph is mainly correct. But to really tell you need to provide a specific example.

Basically unless an airport has been hand-modeled by Asobo or a 3rd-party add-on developer, the taxiways are probably all wrong, auto-assigned by the infamous “Blackshark AI”.

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There is a nice add-on that will give you correct taxiways for over a thousand of US airports as well as much better signs:

A bit expensive and it’s only for the US but it’s a huge QoL improvement over having to deal with randomly assigned taxiway names.


its useless unless you better invest your money into Navigraph (which OP has already)

I guess I misunderstood something because I thought the Navigraph data would not change taxiways (according to their own doc Navigraph Navdata Center released - General - Navigraph) So I never installed their data update as it seemed not worth it for a few missing procedures. If it can fix the taxiway names for in-game ATC and signs then it’s total game changer.

The add-on still has additional benefits as it improves the signs quality but yeah in that case maybe it’s not as good.

It would be good if the sim had airport charts built in as the data is obviously there. Yes it may be wrong compared to IRL but would be consistent.

Navigraph does not correct any taxiway naming in sim. You can use the moving maps feature to work out what taxiway you are on if the signage is wrong/missing though.

You are right. Sorry my bad. The taxiway signs are not corrected. The Jeppessen charts of course show the correct nomenclature but that wasn’t the question.

Fully acceptable, but just to clarify this message, a “few” means currently a difference of over 6000!!! procedures worldwide (and I don’t talk about missaligned ILSs, COM frequencies, ATC boundaries, …)



Yeah, I might give it a try as I have noticed that COM frequency sometimes don’t match with the default and I’m a subscriber anyway. The reason I have been reluctant is that I’m afraid it might break things too, I remember some “horror” screenshots where the runway data didn’t match with the existing scenery, maybe that was just the beta?

I’ve been using the navdata since it came out last year and I’ve not noticed anything like for months.

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… yes and this “horror” scenario is still existing because we may not change any runway idents nor should we add new runways.

But this issue is not a data issue it’s a scenery issue in the sim because some bing images are outdated and has nothing todo with real life.



Absolutely! Like this scenery problem that’s been present since the Sim was released:


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And if you don’t fly on the US?

The make-believe taxiways ate just another indicator that FS2020 is a scenery simulator rather than a realistic simulator where accurate procedures can be used.

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So I did some flights and apparently I was wrong about JustFlight’s Real Taxiways. While the signs match the charts and look great, it doesn’t fix MSFS’s internal database of taxiways like a custom airport usually does. This means that the in-game ATC instructions still uses the old incorrect names.

So it’s good if you’re doing VATSIM or if your external ATC add-on has the correct names but that makes default ATC even more useless.

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