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Flew into DD LOWS today and after vacating the runway (15) I stopped the aircraft (PMDG 737-800) to clean up. When done and giving some thrust, the aircraft didn’t move. It was like I had the parking brake set even when that wasn’t the case. Had to increase the thrust almost to takeoff power in order to move. Finally it started moving and then all was fine. Until I stopped again and the same issue repeated itself.

Anyone else had this issue and found out what’s causing it?

Well, I don‘t think this has anything to do with this particular airport. I had the same problem multiple times in other airports, always with the 737-800.

I’ve had that happen. It turns out that the pause break can often inadvertently get set with us knowing it. Just try the pause button next time.

Are you using rudder pedals with break axis?

Now that you mention it, I actually had the same thing myself in the past but can’t recall at what airport. Maybe it is like you say, not related to the airport but rather to the PMDG 737-800.

Will try posting about the same issue over at PMDG, maybe an already known issue with the aircraft.

Thanks for the advice and will keep it in mind should I see the same thing happen again.

I don’t think that was what happened here though since I was able to eventually get the aircraft moving again after adding enough thrust. And without pressing any buttons.

Yes, I’m using rudder pedals with toe brakes for the brake axis. However as mentioned in the other reply, I don’t think that was related since I was able to get the aircraft moving by adding enough thrust. If the problem would have been related to having the brakes applied, that wouldn’t had been possible. When applying full brakes, you won’t be able to get the aircraft moving even when adding full thrust.

To me, this feels more and more like a PMDG issue.

The reason I was asking is because I had the same issue.
I have the Saitek Pedals and my plane suddenly stopped moving and I had to apply full power to get it moving again.
I checked the sensitvity of my pedals in the controls menu and saw that the break axis of my pedals were at 50%, as if I would have pressed them down. It looked similar to this despite applying no pressure at all.

I reinstalled the drivers for my pedals and the issue was gone.
For starters I suggest to check if your pedals have the same problem.

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Thanks, will keep this in mind should I see the same issue again.

I posted over in the PMDG forum and received some other good input. Suggesting maybe what happened indeed was caused by the PMDG 737 but not in the form of a bug but rather a realistic “feature”. Where what I saw could have been caused by overheating the brakes.

For those with access to the PMDG forum, see here for the details.

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