Digital foundry Asobo interview August 1st Reasons why have poor LOD

I am Absolutely furious with these developers, constantly breaking the sim, putting out buggy releases and now degrading the sim for PC users :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I agree with everything you are saying here, but you may just be fanning the flames. I doubt anyone posting on this thread is willing to listen very much at this point.


That’s exactly the problem. A Rx580 should not be able to run Ultra with no problem. That means all GPUs above and beyond are rendered useless. I guess you’ll be as outraged as we are when SU6 runs on Android phones on Ultra with no problems.


Couldn’t agree more. In my view was part the problem too. Low end PC users wanting same graphics quality and performance what high end PC users get.

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Sorry, can you explain that to me?


At least it got acknowledged that there is an issue with the lightning:

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Got nothing more to say

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That’s not an acknowledgment, just that they’ve taken on board the bug reports and will review it, they’ve not said it’s an issue at all (yet).

Which is interesting because you keep posting this screenshots with a similar “got no words/nothign to say” message, but when I asked you on the other thread where you took it so that I could see if I also get the issue, you never replied. You said there that these were taken on 1440p/Ultra/200 LOD.

I’ll ask again - where were these taken, or share other similar pics in other locations if you can’t remember where these were taken so I can see if I can reproduce the issue

As I said on the other thread (link below) these look like streaming/data issues more than anything else

I’ll be interested to see if you reply to this message

I’ll be surprised if you don’t because that would suggest you don’t actually want help in resolving the issue, which would seem a bit odd

Other thread:

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One was outside New York, above you have a default airport its there nearby and the other one around Rotterdam in the Netherlands if am right tho. All data set to on ofcourse.

OK, although on the other thread I think you just said it was near Leeds Bradford. Tbh, why don’t you pick somewhere and post a picture of what you see today, tell us where that is, and we can try and see if we have the same issue.


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I can post one later. Could you check the following please.

EDDF parking 174 (taxiway L leading to RWY 18). Go and taxi to RWY 18 and look right towards the grating like blast deflectors. I get degraded anti-aliasing (jagged and moving lines) both on 2K, High and Ultra. The effect becomes more apparent when moving / taxiing.

Also the tree line beyond RWY 18 looking West when taxiing towards RWY 18 looks as if it was cut out and put into the picture. Certainly looked better before. Unfortunately I don’t have screenshots from before.

Thx in advance.

I’ve seen that crawling a lot at certain airports. On one patch it was particularly bad, and I got it while holding as I looked at the parallel lines at the threshold. Basically any structure that has close parallel lines would generate that crawl if you were a certain distance from them.

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Example: Exposure - EDDF (Parking 174 looking south):
Notice how the the outside picture (look at cloud over the building) is overexposed. If however one move the camera up, away from the instruments the exposure improves. I am assuming this is an easy fix and Asobo wanted to make the instruments a bit brighter (I admit, one had to turn on the cabin light a few times to better see instruments before SU5).

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As stated above… now examples of LOD/Anti-alizing changes:
EDDF taxing on L from parking V 174 towards RWY18 looking west (Default Ultra settings, Nvidia Standard settings, 1920x1080p). Weather: Clouds set to Few (not live).

Yes specifically I do not want to judge the quality of the pictures as this is, as we have seen in this and other threads a matter of individual perception, perspectives and expectation and leads to endless and fruitless discussions.

It is certainly different than before SU5 (I was on High in SU4 and those pics are with Ultra settings).

Anti-alising: look at the grate like structures (blast deflectors), the outline of the parked airplanes (better even go there and taxing along L and see the shimmering in the outlines).

Nope, but people seem to have made up their minds that this is not going to happen, ever, presumably because Microsoft is a bunch of greedy, errh individuals, although it’s more than unclear how deliberately making 2 million(?) PC users unhappy would yield any profit.

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It would be a very small percentage of 2 million, but I get your point.

That’s the other thing, the same people have decided for all of us that the sim is now useless. Period.

Its odd when people say “I can now run in Ultra”. Its the equivalent of Formula 1 teams downgrading their cars so they do 0-60 in 9 seconds and people with family cars then saying “My car has the same 0-60 time as an F1 race car”. Ultra doesnt mean what it did.


It’s been that way!
Anyone who’s been simming for 15+ years can see it for what it is.
They want the new consumers to be impressed by mediocrity!