DIRECT TO option from the waypoints in the active flight plan

The option to chose a direct to a waypoint from the flight plan waypoint list is currently not working.

I believe this is essential for online VATSIM flying.

These steps should be implemented :

-Activate the cursor by pressing the knob on the right side below

-Scroll to a waypoint present in the active flight plan

-press the DIRECT TO button

-Option should appear to activate a direct course to the selected waypoint

-An additional option which is present on garmin devices is also to activate the selected LEG (becomes magenta) in order to intercept it from present position, this is done by pressing the direct knob twice instead of enter when asked to ‘‘activate’’.

Please vote this if the topic do not exist already.

I think this may be in the megathread for avionics but search and add to it if it isn’t

It’s super annoying with any atc, I loaded an approach today and then got a direct to instruction from pilot 2atc. Couldn’t activate the leg. Very frustrating that they didn’t finish out basic avionics I admit.

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Would like to add that while for the g3000 on the Tbm the option works correctly it seems that when it’s used in an active flight plan it completely messes up the waypoint sequencing, example :


Active leg is currently Present position to Waypoint A

Take DCT WAYPOINT B from the flight plan page

Once the WAYPOINT B is reached by following a direct course the LEG WAYPOINT A to WAYPOINT B is activated again instead of the next leg in sequence, making the aircraft turn a 180 degrees.


Is the functionality of a G1000 (or any of the GPS/FMS) editable by users? Not a question of how but if anyone knows if the files are accessible like some of the aircraft cfg

I’m not sure but i know people are making mods for the TMB as well.

Im honestly just going to wait until asobo fixes some stuff, right now is perfectly possible to use it even though some systems are not yet functional.

This is still an issue for me. Makes IFR flight challenging. I can’t activate or move ahead/resequence legs properly.