DirectStorage API support

I think MSFS should have support for the DirectStorage API on Windows 10-11 PCs. It would help reduce the huge load times and therefore improve the user experience.

Is MSFS going to support direct storage on windows 11, for faster loading? (Like on Xbox).

Direct storage will be available to Windows 10 too, but both require PCIe4.0 Nvme drive in order to work with it. It’s a marketing thing at this moment, perhaps wait and see if it holds up in real world use - a bit like resize bar for nvidia 30XX GPUs, and I haven’t seen anyone mention any real benefit to system / games performance up to now on that.

Although I have it I’ve never heard of a PCIe4.0 requirement, just NVme

If you have a link definitively saying this please share.

Edit: Microsoft's DirectStorage Will Support PCIe 3.0, All DX12-Capable Hardware - ExtremeTech


So, DirectStorage is out now…

If there was EVER a game that could benefit from anything to speed up loading, it’s this one. It’s better than it used to be, but… Yeah, you all know.

Hopefully Asobo has it on the priority feature list. (And hopefully this will have more than 14 freaking votes soon now that DirectStorage is available! :wink: )


be aware that it can cause issues as well, in several big programs i got ctd’s when
useing quickresume.but yes when it works its great less than 5 seconds and go.

MSFS seems like the perfect candidate for a tech showcase of the API!


I believe the long loading of MSFS is occurring outside of file data loading.
Therefore, I think that even if DirectStorageAPI is supported in its current state, there will be a slight shortening or not.


Hello,sorry for my english i am french i use google trad… As you all know, Xbox has provided the DirectStorage API to PC Dev for games for faster loading and less CPU load I wonder if Asobo should definitely work on the DirectStorage view The sim is really struggling a load under NVME for starting Desktop menus more than 7minutes

We can defiantly hope, I will help speed up the process of loading in the sim, but it will be up to the devs to implement it.

I’m pretty sure MSFS is heavily dependant on streaming data, but direct storage could help in other areas maybe? I’m no expert (in anything!) :sweat_smile:

I have read the Direct Storage also help the transfer of data between the CPU and GPU.

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It’s not the just the load times that directstorage should improve. It’s the LOD texture pop in. Directstorage can let compressed assets stream directly to the GPU from a NVME SSD. This cuts out the CPU and RAM completely, it could improve texture rendering speed massively.


Loading time is mostly taken up by decompression, de-encryption and security checks so DS in itself won’t shorten it by that much. However the fact everyone using DS needs NVMe will dramatically shorten it for those that upgrade.

The textures are essentially streamed from Microsoft servers, which already have their own bandwidth issues. I don’t see how direct storage will fix that.

(rant) Nvidia will probably require a GPU upgrade, like they typically do with everything else, even though older tech could support it just fine… (/rant)

Typically older gpu’s don’t have enough v-ram

There is a possibility that, in order to reduce Microsoft server streaming costs, the online scenery is downloaded in a compressed format which is then decompressed by the client’s CPU. If that is the case, then DirectStorage could certainly help reduce the stutters when new terrain is being paged in.

Again, only an assumption though. Back in March, Jörg said they had just started evaluating how beneficial this technology would be to MSFS, so it might be a good idea to get this asked in the next Q&A in August.

With SU10 in beta, do we have any more information re: MS/Asobo plans to implement DirectStorage? As I understand it’s a DirectX12 feature?

Nothing so far. About four months ago they said they had just started investigating on whether DirectStorage could benefit MSFS, so it will probably be a while until we get more information.

Hopefully some more news in the fall then, after the release of SU10.

Here’s how to install it. Have to be activated through Xbox Insider app and gaming features preview.