DirectX 12 november

DirectX 12 IS comingđź‘Ť

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November 19! :+1:
Will we need Windows 11 for it to work?

I wonder if it will bring some performance enhancements…

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@KennyKanada DX 12 works on Windows 10, so no :wink:

@RomanDesign Asobo said before summer (where initially DX12 were to be launched), that unlikely it will change performance in significant way, it will allow more nice graphics and improvements ( such as Raytracing (not RTX) and so on).
There is chance that it will allow for future improvements, but not at launch.
But things might have changed - now it will be November/December, not mid of year.


I wouldn’t even expect that dx12 will work with VR initially. It will be just a “Beta” option.

@LoeweStaub8533 Why wouldn’t it? it will be optional to run in DX12, but after you select it VR will be workin with DX12 :slight_smile:

Look busy? :wink:


They didn’t actually say there won’t be a performance gain. What they actually said, and they were careful about phrasing it, that switching to DX12 in itself doesn’t automatically bring performance gain in itself, it’s what devs do with it that can do it. But in switching they are rewriting some code, so it still may bring modest performance gains (or losses!), and in VR just a few FPS can mean the difference between silky smooth reprojection and a stuttery mess. So that may be interesting…

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They said before summer exactly “don’t expect performance gain” - they didn’t said that there won’t be, but still it is better to keep expectations in check :wink: However they might phrase that differently other time, so I won’t argue, I didn’t listen all of Q&A and so on :slight_smile:
DX12 is not magic.
One thing more I remember - lot of people were asking if switch to DX12 will make sim automatically use more cores of CPU and they denied that. Also there was mentioned that first they will just switch to DX12, then in future updates work on improvements.

But everything could change during months - and Asobo proved that they listen (mostly) and work on fixes and actually make things better. So I’m rather not afraid of DX12, approaching with moderate optimism :slight_smile:

Well, they just said in the QnA stream that’s live now, that there will be no performance gain at all. They just aiming to fix bugs first, before doing anything else on DX12, and they expect many bugs. That’s why it will be an option you can turn off.

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So I understand yes you can switch back to DX11 but I doubt they’ll omit DX12 for VR - that will be a lot more work. The same graphics shaders and draw calls are used in VR as well albeit with more conservative levels of details so don’t worry you’ll get DX12 in VR as well! :+1:

:slight_smile: DX12 has been around for 3 years. Has nothing to do with the Windows version. You can run DX12 on Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.

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I think it’s going to be very good for VR to have DX12 but I understand if it take some time before they can take advantage of all that it has to offer. Step by step we’ll get there.

Tbh, I’m surprised at how good the VR performance is on single core DX11 given what is being demanded. There has already a lot of improvements to date. Onwards and upwards!

I’m kinda surprised they did not go to Vulkan instead of DX12. Maybe for good reasons?

That would’ve been a PR disaster. DX12 is Microsoft’s own tech. They would have nevere done that even if Vulkan was superior.


Ya, you are probably right mate. However, based on the earliest benchmarks and reports from players, Vulkan offers slightly higher average frame rates (< 5%), while DirectX 12 offers a slightly smoother experience overall (particularly on NVIDIA graphics cards.

DX12 def ties you into the world of Microsoft Windows. Once Win11 is optimised so HAGS actually does something DX12 should be fine I guess.

@PianoArrow61382 DX11 is not single-core only. :slight_smile:

DirectX 11: Your CPU communicates to the GPU 1 core to 1 core at a time. It is still a big boost over DirectX 9 where only 1 dedicated thread was allowed to talk to the GPU but it’s still only scratching the surface.
DirectX 12: Every core can talk to the GPU at the same time and, depending on the driver, I could theoretically start taking control and talking to all those cores.

DX11 is pushing a lot of work to developers, you can still optimize a lot, what already have been done in MSFS, it is way better utilizing resources. That’s why performance gain on moving to DX12 is not something “to be expected” at least at beginning, maybe with time it will be possible to optimize a bit and get maybe few fps more, but I wouldn’t expect miracles. Simply MSFS is too advanced not to choke even 3090.

@SunlitAlpaca141 You answered your own question yourself :wink:

And that smoother experience is most important. Especially that 5% fps is what 1.5(from 30) - 4.5fps (from 90 fps which nobody have in VR)?
Most of people, including me, prefers smoothness than minimal gain (even if).


Yep, right you are, DX11 does in fact have the capacity to use more than one core but you, no doubt knowing a lot more than I do about computer graphics API development would acknowledge that, in time, DX12 may well provide better allocation of resources even though DX11 is currently using resources quite well?

I don’t pretend to be an expert on this but I am looking at upgrading my CPU most likely with an Alder Lake and all the accoutrements. I am hoping my theories are correct.

It may give chances for improvements of course, I’m not saying it won’t. However it is not sure, since existing optimizations done by Asobo might mitigate cons of DX11 vs DX12. I don’t know, and of course I hope for improvements :slight_smile: We will see :slight_smile:

Yep, sounds reasonable. I too get a sense that in fact Asobo are doing an extraordinary job. I cannot believe the potential for this platform to continue to grow to be very impressive indeed. I know we’ve got some ways to go but wow, so far so good.

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