DirectX 12 VR crash

Using DX12 and accesing VR creates CTD`s. All good in DirectX11 otherwise. Wonder if this is only on my system or some of you guys have the issue ?

My own testing has confirmed that, at the moment, there is no benefit at all in using DX12 for VR over DX11.

Otherwise just to confirm, I can use DX12 in VR but choose not to until Asobo get the coding right.

Hi, if you’re using OpenXR tool, disable it. Actually it’s no compatible with DirectX 12

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If you’re using OXR Toolkit, disable foveated rendering, it’s incompatible.

I was crashing to desktop every time I started VR mode with DX12 and SU10. I switched to DX11 and after restarting FS2020, I was able to use VR without issue. I’m using a HP G2 and OXR Toolkit.

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