Directx 12 - when?

So there are 2 sim updates left this year? Is Directx 12 planned for either release? Has it been confirmed ? No guesses please I want facts.



There are no facts until MS/Asobo release them, and they won’t until they’re ready. Until then, all you have are guesses.


Simple When Windows 11 is relesed. Then you will see DX 12 form the sim. That will be this year per Asobos roadmap.

Where do you See the Connection between Directx 12 and the Need for Windows 11?


There is no need for Win11, it’s optional.

Wait and see

DX12 has nothing to do with Windows11.


as above, the topic i was looking at before on this was closed.

  1. Nothing more has been confirmed.

Probably in the SIM UPDATE of november .

Expected in 2021 but not in the SIM UPDATE of october.

My deduction…

When it gives performance gains and is stable.

-Am a D3D12 developer

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In the last Dev Q&A they said there will be making it optional for us to use it before year-end. When it will be released I assume will depend on the feedback from us how it works. At the moment there is no defined release date, other than likely Q1 2022.

People never seem to understand this. Don’t make changes unless they have a benefit. That should also be said with ReBar and DLSS. It would be great if we can get some extra free performance. They won’t implement it unless there is a potential gain at least.


Saw on another thread or on YouTube, it will not be REQUIRED, but an option in youu PC. So based on that it will be a downloadable item either from store or Windows Update. Do not believe game will push it out based on that. It’s still being developed and tested so late this year is my uninformed guess.

I hope when it’s done, stable and ready for release. Not a day earlier hopefully.

As was said above, in the Q&A, they said development has started, and in the first release or two, it will be optional on whether or not the user turns it on. Expect the first release sometime I’d say in the next 6 months.

For the OP, Why are you asking? Are you expecting some sort of AWESOME improvements?

MSFS already running dx12 on Xbox pog

Aka don’t expect a massive difference.

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I don’t care a whole lot to be honest - I’m reasonable happy with the sim as it is (for now). With that said, I recall that DX12 was scheduled for release in July; even up until a week or so before SU5 launched. Since we’re still waiting, I bet that they found a colossal landmine in the code shortly before the update release.

I kind of wish I knew what it was, out of morbid curiousity.

Since MSFS uses its own code which also utilizes the CPU fairly well already, maybe Directx 12 is showing itself to be more of a burden than a benefit.

Considering Asobo said it was coming, and then released it on Xbox, but not PC, shows there was some issues. It is still being talked about in the content updates. They also said you would have a choice. This sounds very much like a back heel with responsibility. Also indicative that Asobo is nervous about it.

Make a back up for MSFS before you try this imo.

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Probably more like a graphics menu option, much like VSync. Your PC is probably already capable if you have anything close to the required hardware to run the sim. But if you want to make sure, just search DxDiag from the start menu and run that tool. Your DirectX version is listed at the bottom of the system tab.