Disable Full screen optimizations


Looking for some advice, should this be checked anymore? When msfs2020 come out it was a tweak that was mentioned. After last update my fps has tanked and sim isn’t running very good so I’m just looking for something that might help.

Thank you

I can’t say for sure, but I tried this in the early days of MSFS and noticed no difference whatsoever. Why not just untick it and see what happens?

Yes I have tried it both ways not sure if I see a difference either. Just wondering if the people that know more about this setting might weigh in if its still worth it. Does it help with long flights degrading fps for example?

This is the first time I’ve read about it in the nearly-3-years of flying MSFS and living on the forum/discord. I can’t imagine it does anything good.

Having said that:
Can you post a screenshot with the FPS counter (enable development mode, options → FPS Display)?

There is a gentleman who, in his own words, has done extensive testing. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Ok, I think I figured some things out. I didn’t change my .exe setting but I emptied my community folder, restarted msfs, set all settings to default in the general options section. rstarted msfs, shut off all the jetways in gsx(put them back to default), set all oculus programs running in task manager to high priority, Now my sim is flying!! I even set my settings back after adding the community folder back with all my addons. Running much better, I hope it lasts.

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I know I read somewhere on this forum that the checkbox should NO LONGER be checked, so I unchecked it. Of course I have no idea what the comparison would be with it checked, but I have no desire to tempt fate. :slight_smile:


Best advice: try it out. It will react differently on every system anyway. Should, should not… Some tweaks and tricks work on one system and don’t on another.