Disable key binds in an html window overlaying the sim

Hello together.

Im currently building an app inside flow from paralell42. If this is unknown, it gives one chance to write plugins in a js/html/css environment that will be shown as a popup overlaying the sim (like any other plugin like navigraph taskbarapp).

In there i have textfields where one can enter strings thare are getting handled by js etc.
But whenever i enter something into the textfield, the sim key binds are getting triggered.
I know, some EFB systems do this too, or other apps in MSFS. But some dont and they are also html/js/css. So somehow it has to be possible. Tried to find the code with debugger but i cannot find whats going on.

So the question would be to how to overcome this issue and disable keybinds
for a set amount of time (ie as long the popup is open) ?

Thanks for help!

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