Disable Knob "Tooltip"?


since Sim Update 5 I have this horrible overlay if I mouse over a knob or swith. It highlights blue and a huge tip is displayed.

Is it possible to disable it? I already disabled all assistence, but this is still there.
Most horrible in VR.


I think the option to disable it was in Misc under the General Options. I also think it is related to the new “lock” feature, so maybe switching it back to Legacy will disable it as well. There is an option around to switch from Lock to Legacy, but I don’t remember where :stuck_out_tongue:

I know I’m not much help lol, I don’t have the game opened now and I didn’t have much time to check it yesterday other than those 2 things.

Good luck!



You saved me many nerves!

This setting disables the huge overlay and with the delay option it is perfect.

Again, many Thanks!

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+1 thanks for this. On one of my computers I fly with kb/m and after the update no mouse interaction was working in the cockpit. These new options are great and all, but they should not be defaulted to after the install. Now I’d just like to know what happened to all my previous landings, etc. that are no longer recorded.

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Glory be. I’m saved from a life of looking at Blue pulsating buttons

It’s all in the release notes…I wonder why they write them if nobody reads them

Took long enough to download without reading a manual. I’m a male and everybody knows real males don’t read manuals.

If mouse interaction does work, then check if you see the tooltip “Press ? to interact” (question mark in box). Then go to the Control Settings, Mouse profile and set Primary Mouse Interaction to Left Mouse Button. It could be that it seems to be assigned, but re-assign anyway. That helped for me.

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Interacting was working well - just the huge overlay was … but now its gone.

You are right, I just did not recognized it, I’m sorry, please frorgive me…

Cockpit Interactions

Added the new “Lock” interaction system:

**Set active by default but can be reverted to “Legacy” in Options / General Options / Accessibility.**
Tooltips are now displaying the instrument name, instrument values, and controls (dynamic depending of the device in use)

Using the cursor or the camera center pointer, you can highlight any interactive cockpit instrument.
Once highlighted, you can interact with the instrument:
    If the instrument is simple (buttons, 2 positions switches), tapping Xbox Controller A or Mouse left button will interact with it. If the instrument is complex (knobs, levers…), tapping Xbox Controller A or holding Mouse left button will lock on it.
    Once locked on an instrument, you can:
        Use primary (Xbox Controller A/ Mouse left button), secondary (Xbox Controller X/ Mouse right button) or tertiary (Xbox Controller Y/ Mouse middle button) interactions.
        Increase/ decrease the instrument (Xbox Controller LT/ RT or Mouse wheel)
        Use gestures (Xbox Controller left stick or Mouse movements)
        Unlock the instrument (Xbox Controller B or release Mouse left button)