Disappearing mouse

When I switch from 2d to vr, the mouse pointer disappears. I have to switch back and forth between 2d and vr to get it back and still doesn’t work every time.
Any help is appreciated
Thx Lee

Click the wheel mouse button in VR

If the game is not frontmost, you won’t see the mouse cursor. Sometimes another app pops to the front on me because I have lots of other apps running, so for example my music player or voiceattack will become frontmost. When that happens I lose the mouse so I just lift my headset, make the game window frontmost, and the mouse appears.

I hope that helps. Good luck.

How do I bring window back to the front.?
Thx Lee

I find that every time I enter VR, my mouse is invisible until I do a right click, which brings it into view. This is separate from the, “other apps steal the focus” problem which I have also experienced many times.

Sometimes it’s difficult. Normally you can just click on the game window but that doesn’t always work for me. In those cases I click the “task view” button next to the start menu and then click on the window from there.